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Stomach noises in silent situations


This happened a few yrs ago but I was in assembly at my secondary school and I was hungry, and my stomach started rumbling. It rumbled a lot, and I left the assembly feeling very embarassed. Since then I have had problems sitting in silent rooms - I get anxious and worry about my stomach rumbling, and this anxiety seems to trigger more rumbling. Does anyone else experience this? It’s like I’m hungry but when I come out of the lesson the hungry feeling goes away and I physically feel full so I can’t eat anything.

K x

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Sounds like you need to get checked out by your doctor your symptoms sound like you may have IBS Gail

I do have ibs but it’s anxiety related on propranolol to stop my body freaking out (and my gut freaking out)

K x

Okay good as I was concerned about what you had been given for your issues Gail

I have the same problem with very loud stomach noises.

Others have heard my stomach from across the room. I get very nervous in quiet rooms and especially in meetings at work. I find the anxiety makes it worse. It is very embarrassing.

IBS_Problems in reply to MT1967

Yes! I have to leave the room because I’m so anxious and that just looks funny when someone runs out of the room x

I have the exact same problem, I get anxious at the thought of silent situations and it has stopped me from doing things that I used to really enjoy, theatre etc.

I have found that aloe vera juice helps me with the rumbles, I dilute it with water and sip on it throughout the day. Really helps!

Hope you find something that works for you x

IBS_Problems in reply to Rhonag

Defo will have to try that and yep I can’t do movie theatres, college lessons, waiting rooms. Anything that’s remotly quite I can’t deal with x

I used to get awful noises, not in my stomach, but lower down. and very embarrassing. I found things much improved when I stopped eating fruit cake and nuts! So i am guessing I was intolerant to those things. I feel more confident now although I do still get an occasional loud noise, especially when nervous or stressed. Eating home made cake rather than shop bought biscuits and cake also helps so think ingredients in shop bought stuff also aggravate. Might be worth looking at your diet although as I say, my noises were not from the stomach but much lower down!!!

IBS_Problems in reply to SnooW

Mine are from all over, it’s almost like a hungery growl (when it comes from my stomach) but it’s like a wind growl when it comes from lower down, I totally get you x

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