Food in stomach Endoscopy

Hi, just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience. had an endoscopy last week, and they had to stop the test as my stomach still had food in, And therefore they could not see it properly. I had fasted for 6 hours and the consultant said its not normal for food to still be there after that time. so have to repeat the test in a few weeks.

Awondered if anyone has had a similar experience, thanks

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  • Good morning

    Yes happened to me a few months ago. It's put down to a typical scleroderma stomach. I think you will probably be asked for a contrast test next time, basically a barium swallow. Not half as bad, just swallowing some barium in front of a scanner. I am now waiting for a proposed treatment plan. The endoscope cannot go very far because the stomach has been too narrow. There are treatment s that can help. Let us know what they decide. Hx

  • Had the same thing happen to me today . Lots of fluid and food debris . They have yet to dx me with scleroderma. But ive had a positive scl70 and ana . March they had to dilate my esophagus and noticed strandiness of stomach ,panceras along with multiple ulcers .

  • Same for me last year after having done 24h without hard food only water and tea, all depending on your body and it's ability to digest. Consultant said to me that should have not had anything left but had already inspected most of it and he was satisfied that was clear.

    Said to me next time to use only high fiber food couple days before.

  • Hi. Do you by any chance have diabetes. ? There is an illness called Gastro Paresis which is a side effect of Diabetes among other things which is a problem caused by nerve damage and causes your food movement through the system to slow down, can cause nausea and vomiting but there are treatments. Good Luck hope you get sorted.

  • my mom was told by a surgeon after she had her gallbladder out that he thought she had diabetic gastro paresis and she had the test and she had it. now she is seeing a new stomach doctor and to begin with he said he didn't think she had it. but during the endoscopy he did 3 months he saw some things that needed biopsy's and more looking to so today we took her and her stomach was full of food and she had some going up her esophagus. he stopped the test and asked her to come back next week and to go on a liquid diet the day before so it will be empty. now he agrees she has gastro paresis.

  • Hi,thanks for the replies.I dont have diabetes,and strangely symptoms which resulted in my gastroscopy have dissapeared.But still have to have repeat test done.

  • Takes 72 hrs for food to clear.I was told to go on bouillon and jelly but still did not clear after the fierce laxative .I have a stricture which prevents complete e colonoscopy plus diverticula.

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