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caster oil

ive suffered from ibs all my life, im now 42, and ive heard all sorts of remedies involving peppermint oil/tea/tablets etc etc so much so im tired of hearing about peppermint as it doesn't help my ibs at all. ive searched the internet for hundreds of ideas but nothing has ever helped. diet does help tho slightly. cutting out things like onions, peppers, chocolate and red meat. but recently as you probably saw from my last post I was in agony. I couldn't walk and spent 3 weeks laid on sofa to one point bursting into tears. one minute ive got ibs-d then ibs-c which was so bad I didn't dare leave the house even if id wanted to. I then looked on Holland and barrett web site. I found caster oil caplets that are meant to clean your colon. as I was desperate I thought id try them and see if they help at all. after two days of taking them im pain free. call this coincidence but its worked for me. so all you guys that are trying peppermint oils etc just give these a try. they are cheap about £8 for 60 and you take take one a day. it does state that if you need to you can take up to four until things settle down but please read the information first. they work for me and I just felt I should pass on this info incase anyone else was at breaking point like I was just a short time ago. also remember to eat healthily and forget chocolate lol xx

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WHen I was a child the remedy for constipation was castor oil or Castoria. my german american grandparents were always dosing us with this. I remember the painful cramping as it did the job :'(

I know above remedy is effective for sore knees,etc. I wonder if caplets are available in U.S.


I agree with this, i suffered with this my first time for 3 days i was in so much pain i just didn't care about anything anymore. It hurt so bad i couldn't do anything.

I went and bought a bottle of caster oil from walgreens and took a tablespoon and a half and in 20 minutes i was pain free. Was such a god send.


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