Peppermint oil capsules

I have fairly infrequent bouts of IBS and found that no tablets were very effective. Then my GP went to a conference and was shown a video where peppermint oil was sprayed directly into the bowel of a woman patient. He said you could see the inflammation disappearing. He then prescribed Mintec capsules for me which contain peppermint oil and they do the trick. They are coated to stop them dissolving before they reach the bowel and this makes them more effective. If you buy peppermint oil capsules over the counter which are not coated they are not as efficient. Look for the word 'enteric' on the label.

I hope this helps.

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  • Thanks for your message. I have used Colpermin which is moderately successful in easing my IBS but will definitely see my Doctor re. Mintec.

  • I have ibd nothing seems to be working. I may give these a try! Thanks!

  • Colpermin gave me very bad heartburn, and did nothing for my IBS - I'm not trying to be negative, just my experience. Peppermint tea is no more or less effective but nicer to take!

  • Yes me too. Colpermin not helpful at all. Made my symptoms worse. I suffer from IBS D.

  • i ha these an they made me worse, glad that they work for you

  • Peppermint can be helpful for stomach spasms or bloating. However, a word of caution if you have excess stomach acid or reflux. Peppermint whether in tablet form or in tea stimulates the stomach sphincter and should be avoided at all costs. I did not realise this until fairly recently and my drink of choice was peppermint tea. Much better since I have stopped taking it.

  • thanks - I have taken these before on GP prescription and they worked so well I stopped taking them. However, I have been having some quite severe and long term problems again (stressful situations and changes - good ones but they still affect my digestion. I will get the Mintec's out again!

  • Have been taking colpermin for a week .IBSC is my problem and so far they are working well .i also suffer from severe acid reflux and so far ,touch wood , this has not kicked off .I take one first thing in the morning well before breakfast then second at mid day before 1 o clock lunch third at 6 pm before supper each time with a large glass of water to get them through the stomach and into the gut as quickly as possible far they seem to be effective in relaxing things and I am not being woken at 5am every morning with severe abdominal pain and cramps .now sleep til 7 am and the cramps that still kick in as I wake up are no where near as severe as they were before colpermin .just hope it lasts !Every thing else I have used ,apart from magnesium citrate has become ineffective in time . I also add flaxseed to my breakfast .

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