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Peppermint oil


I've bought some peppermint oil capsules today (Colpermin) but I'm a little confused how to take them. Do you just take them for relief during flare ups or are they intended to be taken regularly in an attempt to stop flare ups altogether? I often go a few weeks or more with no symptoms so I thought they were maybe just intended for use during flare ups? My main symptoms are wind and urgent diarrhoea, occasionally a little bloating and sore stomach.

Does anyone else use them? If so, how? And have you had much success?


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Hi there.

I take mine when I have a flare up or if I have pain, wind etc. Don't know what causes your symptoms but I have just ditched sugar - not that I had huge amounts but because it's in almost everything I've been being VERY careful how much I have and swapping to natural sugars like coconut sugar. I have not had any pain now for over two weeks and feel so much better. Don't know what you eat or what sugar you have but just thought I'd share that. Let us know how you go on. X

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I always start small. Peppermint oil capsules can cause some "issues" in some people, as in nothing major but depending on how the oil is encapsulated it can cause heartburn etc but honestly everything can.

I have a bottle of them I have not tried yet. I guess if it was me I would try them once before you have a flareup to see the outcome. Then you know what they do without, then try one when you have one.

I think one of the biggest parts of treating our types of symptoms is to know what things you put in you do on both good and bad days.


Hi. I just take one peppermint oil capsule, and it does seem to help my stomach. Then perhaps later in the day if necessary.


I take them during flare ups and for a couple of days afterwards and find they help


One daily half an hour or so before breakfast every day not with dot drinks or the capsule dissolves too soon causing heart burn


Peppermint Oil capsules from Holland and Barret have helped me so much with painful spasms just after eating - they certainly help with that windy feeling when it feels like I have bubbles of air in my lower stomach and they give me minty smelling breath when I burp. They are different to Colpermin because they are the oil alone with no other ingredient but they have made such a difference. Unfortunately they are not available on prescription so cost around £ 8.00 for 50 capsules but they have made such a difference.


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