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Gastroscopy / colonoscopy on Saturday!

Thought I would blog today. I saw a GE (gastroenterologist) Consultant on 5 Feb. Didn't really feel that confident after the meeting. 20 minutes of talk, and then he dictated his letter to my GP for 10 minutes. Not had that experience before and over the last 3 years been going to the Nuffield Orthopaedic re shoulder probs/ops - more pleasant experience in terms of wait time, negligible there 1.5 hours at the JR. I digress. At the end the GE said he didn't think I had a "syndrome" - think he was referring to IBS?! And not got signs of pancreatic cancer (my worry worry worry as Dad had it). That was more of a relief really. So he gave me a form for an endoscopy and asked if I knew about linseed. My sister reminded me we used to oil our hockey sticks with the stuff!!! So I came away with an IBS sheet from him, how kind. Thought you said I didn't have the syndrome? Yes, you've got constipation and diarrhoea (incontinence!) - the occasional need to get to the loo, yes, post a rich meal and a bit of wine.

Phoned the hospital and my appointment is on Saturday at 8.00 a.m. which is fast and good. Got the paperwork yesterday evening when I got home and aaargh, the things I have to take to clear my gut. Thought I'd better give them a call about things and they confirmed it would be an idea to take a half day off the day before. This stuff is designed to give you severe D and one should stay close to a toilet. OH KAY :( So I'm having a good meal (freezer stuff only unfortunately not been shopping) and may enjoy my last glass of wine before next Sunday.

All this process starts on Friday at 2pm, senna, at 4pm and 7pm the next dos of some powder which lasts from 30 minutes to several hours of cleaning the bowels and may get some intestinal pain. Can't wait. NOT! They even advise getting some zinc or castor oil to avoid soreness. As if that isn't bad enough, yesterday I developed a little friend down below and he won't budge. Help where's the ring cushion I had after my daughter was born!

So that's my story so far......

I'm sure most of the other bloggers and forum peeps on here know all about this! I don't want to know the horror stories.

Finally the GE said I won't make a follow up appointment as you won't need one (as in there's nothing wrong with you).

I hope he's right of course, but the pain has been real.

Today, I have no pain and I think shall I cancel this or not????

On Saturday night, if I'm not knackered, I'll let you know how it went. Think positive.

I don't think my symptoms are as bad as some on here but it would be good to move forward and rule out things.

Thanks for reading Vronx

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I had an endoscopy last year. I found it hard drinking the volume required but i didnt hv pain when emptying my bowel. the actually camera didnt hurt and they were lovely. they dudnt find anything on camera but after taking biopsy they found i hv lymphocytic colitis which causes the diarhorra. I control it with imodium and going ti c dietician nxt wk to sort out fodmap diet. Good luck sat. u will be fine. xx


Hi thanks for ur kind words. My sis had similar a few years ago and said she got hydrophobia drinking all the water!!


Hi there please dont panic..it really isnt that bad the prep, tho isnt pleasant having to run to the loo on and off, its actually the worst bit, the actual colonoscopy was a piece of cake!! they give you a sedative so you are still awake but feel very little. I actually watched my colonoscopy on the screen as they did it, it was quite fascinating..I felt a little washed out a ropey for a day or so afterwards,but I wasnt sick or anything just very tired, so dont make plans to be rushing around anywhere and get some help in with the kids if you can. Good luck


Oh and dont cancel it!! it will at the very least put your mind at rest that nothing serious is going on..it was a huge relief for me as all they found were a few ulcers :)


Hi that's set my mind at rest. No kids just needy 22 yr old daughter living with her bf! Thank u. Guess the 60th birthday party is out that night! Just b nice to lose a few pounds!


Hi there. Please do go ahead as it's important to rule out anything more sinister than IBS. I had this procedure in 2010, and took the senna & powder beforehand. The prep is certainly not much fun and you feel pretty drained after but it's bearable so stick with it. As for the procedure itself they gave me one hell of a sedative and I don't remember most of it. If they give you a strong sedative you mustn't travel home alone, even on public transport. Rest well afterwards and have a lazy Sunday. The prospect is far worse than the procedure itself and you'll be so relieved once it's done. Good luck for Saturday.


I would suggest taking a few days off after as there might be mighty wind. :D They put me out for mine, quite pleasant. But despite my assiduous preparation, I was not all cleaned out so have to repeat.


Good luck for today. the discomfort will pass very quickly.


Hi Steve, home now and yes got some discomfort but had good news, all normal!! Only comment they made is a long colon! (my sister's is too, perhaps heredity).

The more I think about it the more it looks like the last 3 years of stress, job changes being a temp secretary, no work at times, being dumped, my dog being killed by 2 other dogs, and whilst I'm now in perm employment the job itself wasn't as described, no support within the team or from my boss and a few other worries besides! I'm sure also that lack of exercise (2 shoulder ops since 2009) and poor diet contribute to all of this. So I should look at doing something to get me "out" more, food diary, different exercise perhaps yoga, etc to de-stress!

Feel a bit of a fraud compared to some horror stories of IBS on here but the pain has been very real!


Hi Vronks So pleased you got good news after your colonoscopy. I m waiting to have one and like you am feeling very worried about it. So glad I found this site. Its comforting to know you are not on your own .Like you I feel stressed , I live on my own after losing my husband 6 years ago. Still miss him like mad. And my eldest daughter had a very bad car accident 12 months ago. She severed her spine and broke her neck. She is walking again slowly now thank goodness but I worry about her. Just hope this colonoscopy can rule out anything more than ibs. My Dr is convinced I have ibs but wants this done to put my mind at rest. Everytime it flares up I get scared its something bad.


Hi Gloden

Thanks for your reply.

Well a week has passed and I have tried to eat more healthily since Sunday. By Thursday I'd not had a no 2 and was feeling sore in my tummy. As I was going to be in London for a Strategy day (work), I had to take action, so consumed dark chocolate, and various foods I probably shouldn't and finally lactulose. The latter must have worked too well but I was feeling lethargic and needed to get rid. I've been in London since Thursday night and now back home. My stomach is painful, nearer to the middle and under the ribs. I can't pinpoint anything as I've not tried to do any eliminations and now realise I MUST find out what/why. It's hard when you've been able to eat/drink what you want when you want! I've also been headachey and tired. But that could be the wine...... and on Friday there was plenty of it as we did a cookery afternoon. Back to reality. I'm making an appointment with the GP to see where I go from here but there is a lot on this website to help me.

Good luck gloden, thinking of you. Vronks


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