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Hi, I'm new 2this site.v.happy 2 have found you all! I'm considering 2/3colonic treatments,but they're expensive!

I was diagnosed with IBS 15 years ago. However, since a trip to Africa end of last year, I am having mostly rough days. I was doing fine with no major dietary restrictions before the family trip, other than beans n peas, and I have been fairly fit and healthy as I'm only in my early 30s. I know now I didn't bring home any parasites or bacterial infections, but for 5 months I have been ruled by my IBs and am fed up. I go from constipated to the opp' extreme, I lose n gain weight, and my drs jus throw tabs at me, but they aren't really doing anything much . i am currently on daily colofac for the first time in 8 years, i had occasionally taken buscopan b4, and was doin great. now, I restrict wheat, meat, no milk just hard cheese, and am doing a daily diary and trying 2 figure out what sets me off.I was wondering if anybody could advise me? I have always enjoyed my food and this is a nightmare, especially when i watch my kids eating everything! I have a dr that doesn't seem to want to help me investigate if anything else could be going on, it all seems a bit new and strange right now, and I guess I should seek a second opinion..any ideas?

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Thanx Kerry, I have been looking at FODMAP, v.educational! And I do have a fondness for egg choc(dairy?!) cheeses will b hard, as its the easy cupboard reach, n such, but I must b strong...I have also been talking to other IBS afflicted m8ts n am actively encouraging all joining the network.and have recruited 3 northerners for what we are calling 'fart club' in lancs', official name to follow.also found raisins/ grapes r off the menu too...must b the skin/ seeds/ fruit sugar? tomatoes are another no-no, but passata is fine? crazy, and one of our faves at home.Goodbye alpen, goodbye baby plub tomatoes..but ur absolutely rite, I will never give up! My gut won't let me. but strange how 2day has been a great day? little n often for just shy of 3weeks seems 2 b doin the trick finally?! Frustrating but getting there. some gut disorders do run in the family- gotta be someone, rite? We r a healthy bunch so we carry on.but thank you. As soon as I figure this out, I will inbox u..somehow. Manx! TraciN


Hi TraciN, I was diagnosed with IBS nearly 17 years ago now and have tried many things including colonic irrigation, I had 6 treatments, the first 4 really did seems to help but the 5th one wasn't quite as good and then the 6th one, I felt poorly for about 2 weeks after. The symptons were feeling sick, bloated stomach and tiredness and these are the ailments that the treatment is supposed to work for. Hence, I have not gone back so would say do not waste your money. I agree with Kerry, who has been really helpful to me, that best thing to look at is diet.

I am waiting to be put on the FODMAP diet, I saw a dietician in November, but the person I will be seeing for the diet is going through training at present. I am just ensuring that I follow it correctly with an expert assisting.

Best of luck


Thanxs guys, yes, I know peppers are defo' a no-no as I love making veg-packed tuna pasta- it's r Tuesday meal in term-time. I can't have the peppers or too much pasta and usually end up with a potato and fish! funnily enough, the thick cheese topping is fine...If you dont mind calories, my tuna pasta is a lovely treat. An apt name, Nightshade family- yes, sounds deadly but sooooo appealing!Like chocolate... I used to have a malteser addiction. And the colonic- ur not the 1st person to say that, but I'm concerned about the stuff that sticks to the gut lining, as twice in 3 years I have been told a certain part of my gut seems to be either irritated or inflamed?but it was a short term offer that really drew me in, i cld nt afford it. im wondering how much any1 family Dr can tell from pressing on ur stomach, no tests to follow up, yet the theories they throw out can worry you more and get ur gut goin again...and so it continues. for around 4 years now Iv a weird twitch I get before a bad IBS episode in the lower left region of my gut.i have always joked it feels like I'm bein kicked by a baby- it's the same spot the drs say feels inflamed/ cld have a sticky build up causing the pain.an having had 2 children, kicking was the nearest comparison I had! Lately, with the flare ups coming thick and fast, it's almost as if the side pain shoots through my left hip joint too.very changeable symptoms at the minute. But I am so glad that I'm hearing from people who actually understand and share more ways to help myself rather than throw antacids, tablets and laxatives my way. I am a great believer in understanding ur own body and ailments, and some tabs may be necessary, but for years I lived well and we do have a healthy diet. I hope I can find help with FODMAP like yourselves.some say its the beginning of the end of suffering the crazy symptoms of IBS, so good luck with that n hope it works well for you. TraciN


Make sure you remove all gluten to, gluten is found in a LOT of foods, its a big cause of bloating, gas and IBS symptoms..so although you are wheat free you may not have been cutting out gluten.

Certain fruit and veg too are causing my problems,,Ive like you been eliminating foods and found tomatoes are a big trigger for me.

Colonic irrigation I too have thought of however I was put off after my bowel consultant said it also washes away the good bacteria and damages the filli little hair type stuff that lines the intestine to help break waste down, so he didnt recommend it!!


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