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IBS and Heartburn

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I have been diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago and diverticular 2 years ago. For the last year my IBS has been far worse and over the last 2 weeks I have had unbearable heartburn and reflux! My IBS is triggered by anything! I have been dairy and egg free for almost a year and wheat free for 3 weeks now and I have been worse, not better. Been to GP and she gave me omaprazole for a month so only a week in, but no change yet! When I eat anything my stomach bloats so much that I cannot wear clothes I started off in when getting dressed! I take audmonal 3 times a day, go said to take them even if not eating to see if I can get it under control.

I also suffer from CFS/fibromyalgia and take pregabelin for this and just yesterday been given colonine for sweating caused by menopause so I take a good few tablets which seem like they are stuck in my throat and won't go down!

Any help would be appreciated. I am fed up with feeling bloated and tired to the point of exhaustion!

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I too sometimes suffer with wicked heartburn and Omeprazole has no effect whatsoever. The only things that work for me are Gastrazyme tablets which I order online from a company called Revital. Also, whilst I was going through the menopause I think I sweated (day and night) for England until I found Pro-Gest cream; it's a natural remedy which you apply twice a day to inner arms, inner thighs - anywhere the skin is slightly thinner so it absorbs quickly. I used to get this from a US company called Vitasunn.

Like you, I've tried just about all the elimination diets and loads of 'remedies' most of which turned out to be snake oil! It's just food per se that gives me a problem and eventually I had to accept that ... until last week that is when I saw a new GP who thinks that because my digestive issues started just after I damaged my spine, it's caused me to have a 'neurogenic bowel'. He's now referring me to a neurosurgeon who may be able to put my spine right and solve the IBS too.

Hope some of this info might be useful to you.


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Hi, thank you for your reply and the information I will look for the cream and give them a try if the mesds I started don't work! I have degeneration of the lower spine and spondylosis of the neck, wonder if it's to do with that although no one has suggested it may be!! The pills I am taking for menopause and the one for fibromyalgia are causing me to be so giddy that I may have to stop tomorrow as I am struggling to get anywhere, even though I don't work or go out much anyway, feel,like I may keel over! Good luck at your apt and let me know how it goes. Jayne x

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If you Google 'neurogenic bowel', you'll find loads of info about the spinal issues which cause it.

Bet loads of people with IBS have got back probs and the link goes unrecognised by most doctors.

I'll def post on here once I've seen a neurosurgeon - although I've probably got several weeks' wait knowing the NHS.

Best wishes, Rosie

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Yes, your bowels are connected to the nerves in your spine. My daughter was born with severe Colic and our Chiropractor that does our back adjustments, said to bring her in that he could help her, with her being newborn I was not very thrilled about it, but took her in for I believe 3adjustments because we were exhausted from her constant crying and not being able to nap . And it worked, there is a nerve in the back spine that pinches the stomach,after the 3 adjustments, Colic GONE! No more screaming &crying. On theway home she napped 3 hrs. I th hot she died, I kept checking her, it was that her body and stomach was finally able to relax.

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I am seeing my osteopath on Friday so hopefully she can help, it's getting to the point where I have diarrhoea every time I eat for the past few days! I was wondering if it was a side effect from omaprazole? Just about to check. Thank you for your reply. Also my 7 week old grandson, who was 7 weeks premature is suffering from colic, so I will ask about that too. Thanks again x

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Wow, that's great to hear, bet you were impressed with that result! So glad your daughter found a solution.

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I will google it now, good luck x

i have also had GERD for years, unexplained right-sided pain and itch, bloating, constipation. i am seeing a nutritionist who suggested spinal manipulation. you're not alone.

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I see a cranial osteopath monthly and have spinal manipulation but this has not helped me with digestion! It does however help with back and leg pain and I only wish I could afford to go more often. It's the bloating that is bad for me as my clothes fit in the morning but not after lunchtime!! And it's so painful when my tummy bloats! It hurts like mad to try to put my shoes on and I am not sure if it's due to fluid retention? Thank you for your reply and good luck with your new treatment x

Hi you should ask to see a gastrologist as your symtoms sound very similar to mine. I had a endoscopy 2 weeks aago and have a 2cm sliding haitus hernia . I had omeprozole and they made me ill with chronic diarrhea my gp changed me to ranitidine and they suit me a lot more.

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Thank you for your reply. My GP has given me ranitidine too, I did take this prior to taking omaprazole but it didn't help but I will give it a try! Yes if I cannot get any relief from this I will ask to see a gastrologist as I cannot carry on like this!!

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