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Hi there, i am a newly diagnosed IBS sufferer and i have a question if i may ask, i was working in an environment were there was no toilet and i needed to go to do both, i went three hours without going.

In the morning i had massive stomach cramps and pain.

Was the cause of this not going to the toilet when my body told me?

Thank you in advance for your answers


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With IBS the pain and cramps can have various causes, but what you describe does seem likely to me. I often have bad pain first thing, particularly if I haven't been before bed when I could have done, and if I've been somewhere I couldn't go for a while it often leads to more discomfort. I always go as much as possible when there is access then if I'm stuck in a meeting or away from toilets it's not so bad.

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Thank you for replying Merlin, i thought it was the case, but i thought i would get a second opinion from someone else with IBS. unfortunately employers don't really understand or reconise this complaint, so its hard to explain to them my needs as an individual. i had to take two days sick to recover and again it was difficult to make them understand it was because i couldnt use a toilet.


No problem! It can be difficult to explain to people, particularly employers as its so different a relationship from friends or family. Would it be appropriate to offer them some information about IBS from a health source, or a GP letter, this might make it easier for you to get them to understand? With my employers it's been one step at a time really, just mentioning things as I've had to really and it's come together ok, I hate going into detail but they know the general reasons for my problems and are fairly understanding, though I did have a new manager this year and had to start again with the explanations - though it gets easier explaining to new people after a while! Best of luck!

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Hi Steven,

That situation didn't help at all in your condition...but back to the basics...all those symptoms of the disease that you have...are consequence of you dietary habits.

Change them and magic will happen.


about 8 years ago I decided that I would be open with my issues and symptoms and just tell people what was up. As an example, I cannot stand being trapped places - it is solely because of my gut that this issue has started.

So lets say you go to get a haircut, and you know you have to be there for 20 minutes and really cannot move or leave, this drives my gut crazy, symptoms hit and then its a battle of mind over gut to make it through the appointment.

I just tell the person, "just a quick warning, I have ongoing chronic gut issues, sometimes I can make it through these appointments - others times not so much so if I run screaming from the room, I will hopefully be back..." This makes it sort of fun and also relieves the stress of overall situation.

In the case of holding - sometimes that is what you have to do - but I will admit - when your body says go you should go.... this can change drastically with medications also, as many are designed to block you up. Also drugs like Imodium that many use can cause issues days after taking them in some cases. But as I like to say you can only plug the dam for so long till it overflows.. and sometimes overflows is more like a tidal wave... and the body dislikes that type of thing and will tell you all about it with all kinds of different kinds of pain.

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If you have any gut problem you must listen to your body otherwise you will exacerbate the problems. You can get a card to show to other people saying why you need a toilet which you can show your employers and associates and also to shops offices etc you may need to use in a hurry if it gets to that stage. It is available from theibsnetwork.org.

You will be pleasantly surprised how understanding everyone can be if you don't try to hide it. Don't be ashamed of needing the toilet, many people have similar problems in one way or another.

Good luck

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Thankyou everyone for replying, you have all been very helpful and its nice to feel that i am not alone, i have cut 90% of bread out (not 100% or i crave for it) a 100% of cheese and only drink milk in decaf coffee, still trying to figure out what foods trigger but using common sense on what foods probably will.

The work mates i have already told have been understanding (to my face), but i have a back to work meeting with my line manager and i hoping she will be as understanding.

I have found the link to the ibs toilet pass and in the proccess of getting one.

Again thankyou to all :)


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