I been diagnose with IBS last year when I did flexible sigmoidoscopy at South Tyneside Hospital, but I has some symptoms such as diahorrea and constipation and my GP prescribe me some buscopan tablet to relieve my symptoms. Last year my symptoms has been alright and recently my symptoms start to get flare up and getting worse with constipation not able to pass stools and today my GP prescribe me some bisacodyl tablets and I am still taking buscopan tablets for the IBS. Last two weeks I been straining to pass small stools and getting some cramp in my tummy area and I need to go toilet three times a days but I still pass small pallet stools.

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  • try taking magnesium citrate tablets, I take 400mg(used to take 600mg) all in one dose before bedtime,you may need to take more or less till you find correct dose for yourself.

  • Hi. I hope this helps you. I was told I have ibs also for about 3 years now. This past July I was told to try a gluten-free, dairy free diet it had work wonders. I feel great and have lost 22lb. I still get flair ups maybe about once every few months. But only last like 24 hrs. Try the fob diet for ibs.

  • Hi Sandy, if you don't mind me asking, did you just try gluten-free of your own accord? or was it your Doctor that suggested it?



  • My doctor did. It's working great for me. I feel great.

  • Try eliminating food groups from your diet one at a time and for at least 2/3 weeks. Keep a food and bowel movement diary to monitor how you are doing

  • I sympathy with you.some of your symptoms sound just like mine.i have awful stomach pain every day and ive no appetite to eat much at all.what ever ive tried food wise doesnt make any difference to my pain.im going for a cat scan tommorw.they think its ibs.but im finding my drs are thinking its all in my head.which i know isnt true.i should go back to your dr and explain about your constipation.i have to take fibregel twice a day for mine.i hope you get sorted.

  • hi

    if your taking Buscopan each day this may be the cause of constipation. Try paracetamol for pain relief and less Buscopan and more water. at least 2 pints a day.More if you have had about of the "D"

    food diary good idea to see what triggers "D"and pain.

    Hope this helps


  • My doctor . I have ibs and I didn't know it but ceilac dease. I feel great now. Even if you don't have celiac it might still help you get your,system in order.

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