Ibs, crohns and gas :(

I have suffered with ibs since I was 15 I am now 27 I get through every day by taking immodium tablets otherwise I would always be on the toilet :( I get cramps often but my main problem is constant gas does anyone else suffer like that? Also after years of tests I have now seen a new doctor who is wanting to test for crohns disease as my uncle has it does anyone have this condition? Thankyou xxxx

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  • I am very surprised you have been diagnosed with ibs without ruling out chrones disease. It is a simple blood test and that was the first thing our doctor did to rule it out as they are quite similar. Once it was ruled out then the label of IBS was put on my sons condition.

    Don't know much about chrones but it seems to me that there is a bit more help out there for suffers of chrones than there is for IBS .

    Hope your test goes well.

  • What is the blood test for Crohn's?

  • I have ibsa & use Imodium as a last resort when having a diarrhoea episode as I get terrible wind with them, though I do get wind most of the time, I've found taking a windeze with them helps or taking codeine instead of Imodium, but then my constipation is worse, trial & error really :-(

  • Oh forgot to say my niece has crohns & her sister ibs like me, there's a definate genetic connection I think. A blood test shows a possibility of Chrohns but only a colonoscopy verifys it, but I'm surprised like mother abv you've been labelled without either of these

  • apparently in crohn's the entire colon is inflamed whereas ibs may just affect part of it, with or without inflammation. I have no inflammation but ibs partly controlled by avoiding food with excess fructose and fodmaps. my sister says she had crohn's that she cured or managed with probiotics

  • Sorry for you lauralou especially as you are so young. I got caught up in the immodium route but in fact that can exacerbate the condition, as pointed out by my doc and I strongly recommend you ease off them. I start the day with omeprazole prescribed by the doc which helps but I still get terrible bouts of IBS when I intentionally and unintentionally eat foods to whichI am allergic.

  • My son has just been diagnosed with Crohn's. His bloods showed raised inflammatory marker suggesting Crohn's but was confirmed by endoscopy and colonoscopy.

  • Hi yes my son has crohns this is a condition in witch is in the intestine and I have Ibs it's a trail and error with crohns in what you eat you will need to start on a low residue diet. Just keep my fingers coss you don't have it but don't worry you can live life to the full my son was 15 when he was dirnosed with this and now at 19 he just pass he's first year at college in sport but you do have flare ups. Keep us updated on how you get on.

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