Just been diagnosed with ibs i need some help

just recently found out i have ibs and i am in pain every day with it, the doctor has prescribed to me mebeverine but ive been taking them for the past few days.

I start a new job next week and well im really scared that im going to not be able to do it because of the illness is there any advice some could give me please.

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  • Well omega695 I've suffered with IBS every day pain also tried Mebevine,which don't seem to help at all.I don't know if you've had a colonoscopy but that's the only real way to tell if you've got IBS.I can definitely empathise with you but that's all I've got to offer really.Unless you may have a food intolerance ,( dairy, Wheat, or Lactose ) just a suggestion.Also don't give up stay on this site and you will see your not alone.Good Luck.

  • sumtimes u just need 2 go 2 the doc and they can change ur meds 2 sumthin that works but i find wen i have my flare ups all i can eat is toast and chocolate which is wierd but ive only been diagnosed with IBS for a few mths and im on mebeverine and ive really learnt 2 try and control my self its all about fiinding out wot food u can eat and food u cant and if u have IBS thats all it comes down 2 u mite benifit from seein a dietician that specialises in IBS

  • Hi there I was first diagnosed with IBS but it isn't that it is sphincter of oddi, so now I am low low fat and meat free, try going low fat for a while and see if it helps. wishing you well.

  • Thanks for responses the medication doesn't seem to help that much but they are making me feel a little bit sick don't know if there supposed to do that or not.

  • Are you taking your Mebeverine 3 to 4 times daily, this will help and also Buscopan can help with the pain. Also peppermint capsules (Prescription or over the counter) will also help. I find Pepto Bismal is also a great help with flare up, and helps to calm the diarrhoea. If I am flaring up in a morning I usually take one immodium plus tablet as soon as I can in the morning and this will sort my diarrhoea for the day and usually settles any stomach upset too. Try it this week, taking an immodium plus in the morning and see how you feel for the day, it may help your worries about your new job. Good luck :)

  • yes im taking them 3 times a day, i will try the peppermint and immodium see how it goes thanks

  • What strength peppermint capsules do you take and at the same time as mebeverine? And buscopan? I found mebeverine great to start with but not so good after a few weeks....my doctor is not really interested in IBS and I feel quite unsupported and lacking advice. Maybe it would be good to find another doctor at the practice who would be more helpful/sympathetic? I hope the new job goes well for Omega ...it might even help with everything....

  • I have been on mebervine but trying to wean myself off currently having probiotic tab each day and on last pack of mebervine. I avoid wheatabix and wheat bisc can't eat granary or brown bread or broccoli or I get a flare up also stress doesn't help if I bloats mint tea usually helps

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