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The IBS Self Care Plan

The IBS Network is pleased to introduce our brand new IBS Sel Care Plan! This online management program covers all aspects of IBS from food and diet, to stress, life events and medication.

The program is availible as part of our annual membership and aims to educate and inform sufferers on how to better manage their IBS for a easier, and symptom free life. Tools availible within the program include an interactive eat well plate, and your very own personalized symptom tracker.

For more information visit us at theibsnetwork.org.



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iv got i.b.s also under active throid i bloat up very big i cud be used 4 maternity clothes by mothercare any way im in pain everyday i had asilent stroke at xmas im now in wheelchair but be4 the wheelchair i was walkin with crutches and that was due to my i.b.s my legs were gettin weaker with the timescale my belly was swollen iv known it to be big for aweek im on loads of tablets also morfin for the pain


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