IBS Steriod treatment

I have had IBS all my life and am now 60+. Life revolves round IBS. No future plans are certain and many let downs happen with friends.

Recently I had a very bad chest infection and was put on a very High dose of steriods for many weeks. They solved the problem but the strange this was I didn`t get IBS for the whole time I was using Steriods.

Does anyone else have any experience of using steroids for IBS and what is the treatment dosage recommended.

In my experience over the years treatment for IBS is very very individual. No-one is the same. After all these years could I have found my solution? Please tell me yes.

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  • A friends son is on steroids for extremely bad IBS- so have heard of it as a treatment. Good luck. Bonus would be massive pectorals ;)

  • Great! Can you tell me more about the doses of steroids he is on and was it recommended by a specialist.

  • Of course you would need a doctor to determine that.

  • I suffer with colitis which is similar to IBS was offered steroids, but refused as I control mine by diet, but it is one of the medications used to control it.

  • thanks elwins. I will make enquiries

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