Our Medically Admired IBS Protocol

Our Medically Admired IBS Protocol

Since we were both teenagers we have both struggled really badly with horrendous Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

We have pursued every pathway to figure out a solution. What we learnt was that the medical model has very, very little to offer people with IBS and the alternative health world is very hit and miss.

Our protocol is born out of hours and hours of research. We have liaised with senior medical professionals, we have personally trialed everything we recommend and have seen consistent results with literally hundreds of clients in our clinics.

Our IBS protocol is so successful we were invited to share the secrets of our success with team of senior Gastroenterologists who admired our approach.

We are delighted to have turned this into an online course containing;

•4 webinars explaining the cause of IBS partnered with our medically admired IBS protocol

•Which diet is right for IBS and why

•Emotional tools to overcome the stress that contributes to IBS symptoms

•Individual support and advice from us as needed

For more info, click here ibsfree.co.uk/signup/

With love, Claire and Laura

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  • when was the last time you drank tap water .? i went to the doctors and they said the same about me .! your teenagers .! getting ibs at your age .? ermm .i dont think so .! but i aint no doctor .!

  • This doesn't make sense to me.

  • Hi Stewart, can we help?

  • Not that much since I got myself in remission without drugs, and without any tiresome dirt that works on trying to cut out foods that set off flares. Since for me, UC has nothing to do with food, it's more to do with the lunatic use of Aluminum.

  • Interesting, how did you manage the aluminium issue?

  • There is Professor Exley, Birchall Cantre, Keele Uni, uses a silicon rich mineral/spring water as a method to cleanse the bodies of people of Aluminium. I remember reading that he had refrigerators full of urine samples for testing for it, he had people drinking 1 litre per day. So as I had a flare, and must have been getting dehydrated I thought to try it. I must have had a bit of constipation, it softened my stool, so I had an entire evacuation, it was ver soft and stayed soft, felt as if liquid was passing through untouched, so I thought the colon/large intestine isn't returning moisture to self, I'd seen silica capsules at health shop, looked up what is silica. The strongest sort's from Bamboo. I tried that, and wow, stool dried up, started firmer stools. If it didn't help me I wouldn't continue using it, rather like I'd never ever have Salofalk again. First time I tool it I soiled myself in an explosion of diarrhoea. And the bathroom being 3 meters distant was still too far away!

    My method works for me, it will help with constipation, people might not read the whole tale properly, I know I'm quite good at skimming through bits.

  • Interesting, thanks for sharing :)

    This is not an approach we use but minerals are incredibly important for the bowel. Glad to read of your success.

  • It's an essential element. Look up, what is silica.

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