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Ibs or bowel cancer?

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What might be the indications that seperate ibs from bowel cancer? Is there anything that makes you suggest that it is ibs but not a cancer in case you experience or don't experience this particular symptom.

For instance, 'incomplete bowel movement' is indicated to be a sign of cancer. But it's a vague definition and -as you know- it may be hard to come by clear enough explanations.

In the mornings, after an almost normal bowel movement(after which i think i'm relieved), i often feel the need to go to toilet more than one more time, and it's dierrhea after that first time. Somehow. I need to note that these all happens before i even eat anything. Is this common here among ibs network society?

It'll also be appreciated if you answer the first question of my post.

Thank you

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I guess you know your own body and know if something doesn’t feel right, ovarian, bowel and pancreatic cancer all have similar symptoms to IBS which sometimes make it difficult to diagnose and going doctors and asking for a blood test CA125 for cancer and scans is the only thing you can do if you think it might be more than IBS.

This is what I have and had done for years. I’ve had lots of tests done and all normal. I was told the reason for the looser BM after my first was due to quick transit time, it’s not had long enough to form into a normal bm. My mornings are busy and stressful as soon as I’m awake I get that surge of adrenaline and that’s it, getting out the door can be difficult but I’m sort of used to it now. I wouldn’t worry but if your concerned best to see your GP.

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Aghu in reply to Redhead80

Identical to my case. Mornings are worst. After sunset is when i start to feel more at ease, so all the symptoms ease too. This is a bit of a convoluted disorder as we all know, so gp agrees to what i believe it is according to my descriptions but refers to some tests and checks and all, not to be held resposible in any case. I'm in no position to go through all that now. So i turn to this forum seeking for some relief myself. It's been quite some help. Such as your answer.

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

Hi aghu.

Unfortunately there is alot of illnesses that give same kind of symptoms. Ibs, endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction,

Stomach bacteria ie sibo or candida. So for one of us to tell u that u havent got bowel cancer u prob got one of them would not b good just incase that one chance u have( very unlikely) got it.... if u are that worried u must see a dr it onkg way u goin to know for sure there do a blood test CA125 and that will show if there cancer cells somewhere in ur body. Also a colonoscopy is prob in order really if u have trouble ...

The answer to is what u have normal for ibs sufferers is yes!! I suffer most in morning till about lunch time the it calms down. Its because ur bowel starts to works as soon as u get up on morning thats why we generally poop first thing in morning so this is why ibs sufferers usually get pain in morning.... i have ibs-c and it a nitemare in morning i spend half of it trying to get ready for work the other trying to get meself through the pain of being constipated.... once i go though pain usually subsides over a hour or so..

If u are worried see a dr! We can relate our symptoms and suggest helpful techniques and things but we cannot tell u if u have cancer

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

I absolutely subscribe to what you say. There's no question about it. There'd still be a risk of cancer despite all the signs against it. In posting my questions here once in a while, my intention is to see if what i experience has been observed by others, as you've noted.

I start to take some steps to exclude other illnesses. As i suspect mine is a combination of things. For one thing i've ibs without a doubt though. The correlation between my state of anxiety and what my nervous system causes is infallible.

But i still believe that the answer is 'yes' for my first question in this post even if without a high degree of precision. So i wonder stuff from once in a while and wanna hear what you guys have to say. I don't mean to overstep in doing that.

You're answer is so appreciated, it's certainly gonna help me shape my next moves. Thank you

And yeah the title has been too assertive/misleading, i agree

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

The way i see it is if ur symptoms do “ better at times in day”

There is prob chance it defo not serious as if it was u would never “ feel better”? Mayb im wrong....

Ibs can make u feel quite ill at times, when ive eaten something i shouldnt im in pain in left hand side of colon for about three days till it eventually clears out my body.

I have found eating light and little meals has helped and i have gluten intolerance so giving up that has helped. Ive never eaten dairy of any sort so i believe some people say this helps them. I also make sure my gut is super healthy... ie probiotics, digestive enzymes, peppermint oil capsules, vit d and magnesium capsules( only if u suffer constipation)

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

Yeah it's serious because it's ongoing. These days, for instance, i must have eaten something i shouldn't have, i cut off several days ago loperamide hydrocholoride i've been taking for quite a while, and combined with ongoing anxiety, it's as if it's never gonna get better. The problem is the transit time, i have a meal-light,simple-, and after a short while, the need to go to toilet, after every damn meal, a bm that's loose and like it's gonna keep coming forever.

But in better days, i'll give such an example, i 'd avoid eating until i leave home in the morning, because i know it'd have caused trouble, if i'd eaten before leave home, i'd have felt my bowels work overtime after the first bite, so i wouldn't eat before i take a step out of home-that was when my anxiety subsides and i get into different mental mode-, and once i'm on my way walking to bus stop i'd eat the simple sandwich i've just prepared before leaving. Chances are that there'd be no prob.

Isn't it weird.

But again, i suspect there's something else, i mean except the food or habits that exacerbate ibs-like coffee, like sleep deprivation-.

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

Have u tried natural supplements?

Unfortunately what u experience morning wise id normal us ibs sufferers do seem to have it worse mornings, see im ibs-c and spend most of my morning trying to have one and thats really painful, then il want to go at a time that just not convenient ie on way to work, then il get to work in pain and stressed and the first 15 min will b me in toilet trying to go and the rest of day is dependent on wether il go, if i do il sit down and b in pain for bit then it goes if i dont go il b in pain and trying rest of day, then i wont b able to eat coz more food just adds to bloating.

I have found leaving gluten and dairy out helps i tend to go now . Could if b ur intolerant to something or could it b anxiety related? Everyone morning are nitemare as it when ur anxiety and adrenaline kicks in as u know u got to get to work or get kids ready and get to work! Are u same at weekends or on days off ie holiday!!

It is normal though most people i know with ibs-d go through same in morning...

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

It's the same with me too, only no pain involved as a result of its being d. But the pain of knowing that whatever eaten goes down the drain at such times.

While i was at a office job it was the same as you describe. Now it can be worse on my off days, because i can be overwhelmed by my thoughts while i don't have a time to do that doing a physical job.

Haven't tried any, but i'll try slippery elm powder and then an ibs support product with healthy bacteria and stuff in it, but i'm a bit apprehensive about the second.

Though I've tried a hearbal liquid -sold under the name of iburogast here in sydney- and it did't do any good.

Just an example, i had a meal today while at work, did'nt even find time to think about what'll happen and it was all fine, came home out of my usual schedule(big deal) had a meal, feel my guts go into overdrive now, bloating and all. It's just so weird.

I've given enough headache i believe under this post:) I might share/or ask other things in time again

I sympathize with you, more or less same inconveniences i believe, just under different circumstances

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

I would defo try probiotics they replenish all ur bad gut bacteria which mayb why u have diarrhoea it mayb u have bad gut bacteria which will always give u that. So if i was u i would start taking a good high potency one.

Also have u thought u may b intolerant to something? Dairy , gluten, yeast. Take time to see when u get upset, is it after cereal when u have had loads of milk? Is it after bread so uve consumed loads of yeast and gluten.

I had a friend who was ibs d all her life then realise it was always after cereal and cups of tea and she gave up milk went soya and her problem went

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

Hey, i had given up all hope for a long time so stopped going into this forum and all, but then... i discovered something, and i think i owe you a thanks. It’s gluten intolerence or celeac, whatever it is, i have that without any slightest doubt.i know i had ibs but because the anxiety caused by celeac works in conjunction with other symptoms, i just wasn’t able to discern whether it was the anxiety that’s causing the symptoms or was it the illness that’s causing the anxiety. It was the second, of which possibility just hasn’t crossed my mind.

Cutting the bread, which was the main staple of my diet, cutting off all gluten, made me feel like i was reborn. Happened just recently, a week or so ago.

Long story short, i can go on pages long really, it’s just beyond words,

Now, there’re some other things i wonder, for instance this lining of the intestine was inflamed for a long time and all, then i made a mistake like eating some hot chili including food-that’s never been good for me-, getting ahead of myself, and it obvoiusly decreased the absorbtion dramatically, and it was horrible for 2-3 days, then i come off that bout, and i tend to put it down to the fact that i need to be carefull introducing new stuff into my diet, especially when this lousy intestines are recuperating and all but that’s not the subject of this forum.

Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks for pointing out that possibility, it’s such a big deal, it’s beyond thanks though.

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

Im so happy that u found ur problem. It did sound so much like me thats why i recognised ur symtoms.

I was ill for so long and it wasnt till i just seemed to realise it was bread and biscuits thing that had alot of gluten and wheat in that i was so ill.

Im sorry to say this but ur ability to ever eat spicey will prob b never!

I ate spicey food ALOT! But now noooo way would i even dare. Ur lining of ur stomach will always have that i inflammation so any little thing will start it off...

Just stick to clean bland meals.

Also u will need to take digestive enzymes and probiotics! Forever. One helps u digest the other help the inflammation and gut flora.

Im so glad u have found prob, once u do it just becomes easy, i dont even think about it any more . It been a year for me and i have not touched gluten or dairy and i do not miss either and neither does my poor belly

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

Spicey can easily be dispensed with. Assured that you confirmed it.

It’s said that it’s the lining of the small intestine (that’s been effected by celeac disease) rather than the stomach , doesn’t matter though, whatever it is. Just a few things i wonder,

This developed later in life for you too, isn’t it, or the symptoms increased in severity maybe, btw yeah so parallell once you say that, bread and biscuits and all, and ‘another btw’ , once you cut them of, this state of anxious mind changes, i found out how much anxiety i’d developed over such trivial matters, and i don’t now, faced with the same situation, or i just tend to be complacent with the circumstances i’m in(comparing identical situations before and after). Has that happened to you too?

Is dairy a no? Haven’t eaten any since i discovered this gluten thing, as i was sitrict with my diet, but was thinking i might just go back eating some feta and all , no milk, but maybe some yoghurt, non of them are a big deal though, i just wonder. (feta should be fine even from the ibs point of view, low fodmap)

How are you with coffee ( normal nescafe, dissolving in hot water)

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

Im fine with coffee, decaffeinated though. I have soya milk. Im ok with a tiny amount of milk in tea if i needed to( if i was out and someone made me a tea id drink it) yoghurts are a no for me and anything with cream is a massive NO!! You can get dairy free yoghurts and dairy free cheese . Yeh i think feta ok coz it goats milk isnt it?? It mainly cows milk that they mean when they say dairy.

I have got so much better,health wise and mentally when i got told what was wrong as i just couldnt see way out of it and i was in soooo much pain with my stomach.

So now i just take everything in my stride im pretty chilled about it all. I go out to eat, i know what i can and cannot eat on a menu. I live normally.

I dont ever get bellyache that much anymore and if i do i just take a extra probiotic and peppermint oil capsule and it usually settles it pretty quick.

It will all just become second nature to u, i dont think about it anymore, it used to stress me out and i used to b like “ oh im gona starve i dont know what to eat”

But i just make most of my own food then u know whats in it... and things like cereal and biscuits and cakes i buy from free from aisle in supermarket

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

We both have gluten intolerance and also ibs. Don’t we, but yours is ibs c, mine is b.

Fetta doesn’t necessarily need to be made of goats milkbut I won’t eat dairy for a while anyway. Now gluten excluded, yet i tend to overlook a few things on the ibs side of matters. Btw, i’m writing to you once in a while because i’ve the impression that you don’t mind. If it’s too much, just ignore.

Just a couple of things

-coffee (caffein) Will be a no i reckon. My feeling is, it expedites the passage of food,so resulting in not a diearhea but poor absorption (not days long but next meals are bound to be followed by a premature need to go) I’m gonna try decaf then, because i also like it tastewise, aside from the fact that it’d be nice to be able to get some caffein in the mornings, but anyway.

-a weird thing with wines

I’m positive that some are ok, but some -it may have coincided with other factors though- i feel cause poor absorption. A white wine was ok, then a different sort of white wine wasn’t that ok. A red wine was more ‘not ok’.

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

Hey aghu

I dont mind at all feel free to talk to me im happy to help, i wished i had someone that i coulda spoke to a year ago and i may not have ended up so ill.

I have gone caffeine free and that has helped me.

Wine wise is a noooo as it fermented grapes not a great idea. I have gone on to vodka or a gin and tonic but im not great with alcohol really....

a good one for me is spinach my belly loves spinach.

Hates garlic or onions anything spicey.

It sounds like u are getting the hang of it and how is your pain now?

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Aghu in reply to Lulububs

Im geniunely glad to hear what you say, that you’ve overcome this in one way or another.

It wasn’t the pain, it was the constant d, after every meal all day and all the malnourishment and all what follows that, me being so helpless, at a dead end...

there are still some things i can’t put a handle on but, look at the difference (again, because we talk here the way we can’t in real life) , i only feel the need to go in the morning now , that’s all. But. Somehow loose movement. despite the fact that i avoid what i’m seemingly supposed to avoid. I’d rather put it down to the fact that the intestines are still in healing process and think that it’s gonna get better in time. And there was some ‘blood on stool occasions’ that freaked me out badly, just as i was thinking that things are looking up(which they are actually) I still think that there’s a good chance that i’m cancer(im 32), that it’s all metastasized through digestive tract and all:)

Of course, i was suggested to have colonoscopy, but there’s no way that i’d go through that prep process and look at this quirk of fate, it’s the last thing i’d be willing to endure.

And what i wanted to tell you is, that there’s this book, if you haven’t heard of it yet. You might adopt what’s said there or you might not, but you might wanna have a look at it. It’s the ‘plant paradox’ (by something Gundry). I found that there’re things that i’ve experienced first hand, so it’s credibility is quite high for me. That’s all for now thank you a lot.

And just a little addition, as it turns out i’m somehow not good with coconut flour, apples or dairy (even goat cheese, so not A1). Somehow. No gluten involved as you see.

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Lulububs in reply to Aghu

Im so glad u feel so much better, it has prob taken me 8-9 months to feel totally better but il still have days where something upsets me?

I went to a restaurant for first time other day and told them i was gluten intolerant and they said they understood but within 20 mins i knew it wasnt! I was so ill for about 3-4 days. U just have to drink loads water flush through the gluten.

Also same as u apples seem to upset me( mayb it the acidity in them) upsets the stomach lining thats inflammed.

Ur stomach is prob still very inflammed.

I had a colonoscopy when i was at my worse, i just didnt eat anything 2 days before and the took half the prep drink and only went 3 times and i was clear as i obviously didnt have anything to get out so it was really easy! Also best thing i done as i was sure i had something serious but didnt! So mayb u should do it so u can put ur mind at rest as stress can mess with ur stomach to. Clear that mind.

It was so easy, honestly i was in and out the room in about 12 mins,no pain no nothing and i chose to have no sedation so had it done wide awake. Please dont not do it out of fear as it could save ur life

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