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I've been back and forth to A&E in the last week due to severe abdominal pain which I'm on morphine for. CT scan all clear bloods all clear.The Drs say it's all down to IBS I've also been diagnosed with diverticula. Anyone have any advice on diets to try.

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Best to ask to be referred to a dietition by your GP. There is specific dietary advice for diverticula.

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I've already spoken to a dietician,...

I have just Been diagnosed i have cut out gluten, lactose onions and garlic that has really helped. I also ise the FODMAP diet the monash app is very good and informative.

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I've just downloaded the Monash app thank you it looks very informative x

I have IBS D and like Krisbetty have found following the FODMAPS diet has helped. I am also lactose intolerant and avoid wheat and soy.

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