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Ibs or not


Hi everyone, please could anyone tell me if they suffer with a burning pain at the top of their stomach abs sometimes it feels like it's in my back and under my ribs on the right hand side, I've had bloods and all sorts of test my gallbladder is fine been told it's my ibs as everything I've had done is all fine so fed up with my on going stomach pain xx

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I have had the pain on rear right side and quite sharp. I associate it as an ibs symptom which if i can dewind myself it often eases. Had loads of tests and they could find nothing either.

Shazanabs in reply to Lisahelen

Hi Lisahelen thanks for replying it's so annoying everything put down to ibs,it's the burning pain I find so debilitating right under the breast bone do you suffer with this also x

DSDS_ in reply to Lisahelen

Hi, the under the rib pain (mine is more like being stabbed) and the 20 trips a day to the loo but for a pee are two of the more inexplicable symptoms of IBS I live with. These are both less frequent than the stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhoea etc but seem to be all part of the same thing. It really is frustrating more than anything isn't it, especially when it is brushed off as a minor inconvenience. I have had two colonoscopies, barium, blood tests etc and like you they came back clean as a whistle. We all need to keep searching for something that works for us. I take Mebeverine and Peppermint Oil and the two as a combination have helped with the worst episodes but less bad is still bad!

Shazanabs in reply to DSDS_

Hi DSDS yes my pain under the right rib is a stabbing pain it's the burning and nausea that really get me down, I've been told the rib pain could be my fibro, I may give the mebeverine and peppermint oil a go anything is worth a try to get some relief xx

Hi again Shaz, you can get the peppermint oil over the counter. Unless you have a peppermint allergy it can't do any harm can it! Mebeverine is via prescription. The docs tried me first on Buscopan which didn't help, then Mebeverine on its own which also didn't help but as soon as I took it alongside peppermint oil there was a rapid improvement in pain management. Problem is, as everyone on here will know, we are all completely different and one person's help is another person's hinderance. Good luck, I hope you find something that helps. I guess we just have to remind ourselves that it could be very much worse.

Hi DSDS yes I agree we could be a lot worse suffering with a life threatening illness,I will definitely get the peppermint oil and see my doctor about the mebeverine it's trial and error finding what works for us,thank you for the advice and taking the time to reply xx

Hi I've read your post. I suffer with ibs and also a sliding hiatus hernia. It's where the stomach swells into your chest cavity and rubs against the rib cage. It is very painful. What you describe is very similar to that. But to confirm it you would have to be referred to hospital and have scope down your mouth to confirm. But if it is a sliding hiatus hernia it can be cured with tablets. Good luck

I also get pain under my ribs, between my shoulder blades, my side, stomach - you name it the pain can creep in anyway. I use a hot water bottle when the pain is under my ribs/at the top of my stomach.

Hi crazyfitness thanks for replying that's the same as me,do you get the burning and nausea also x

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I don't get heartburn, although do occasionally get indigestion which I take bicarbonate of soda for, it tastes horrible but does work. I do occasionally get nausea.

Tomorrow I am starting on a low fibre diet and this is not controlled by the doctor. I have a friend on Facebook (she lives just up the road from me) who had IBS years ago and she no longer gets it and I asked her how she did it, she said she followed a 'junk food diet' for a month and have never had IBS since - she followed that diet years ago now. Although I am not going to eat junk I am going to be following a low fibre diet. I had a Colonoscopy back in August and felt so much better for following a very low fibre diet for 2 days and thought, well anything is worth a go and I know that fibre and IBS aren't good together.

By the way, my friend started to eat fibre again after that month of following the junk food diet and has never looked back!

Will post on here if it works.

Best of luck to you


Hi, pls go back to the dr and try and get a referral to a specialist. All to often when gps don't know what is wrong they say, oh you have IBS. IBS is pretty all encompassing and people suffer it for all sorts of reasons. I kinda feel it is umbrella term for a reactive guy, which does not get to the root of the issue.

U are reacting to something, likely food based so try and do a food diary and see if u can work out what is causing it. This is the most effective.

Ginger tea or pepper tablet (Holland and Barrett do some strong ones) will help in the meantime

Good luck xx

Hello I also had really bad burning sensation in my stomach, the hospital prescribed me omeprazole and I haven't had any burning feeling since! Highly recommend good luck x

Shazanabs in reply to Volvic

Hi volvic I was taking omeprazole but they caused my calcium to drop to low and I was rushed into hospital to be put on a drip I was told I could of had a cardiac arrest when calcium levels drop as low as mine was, I've been put on ranitidine and their no where near as good x

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