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Ok so I've just been going through the Internet doing some research on IBS, as I've just been diagnosed and I'm trying to get to grips with it. I came across this website irritablebowelsyndromeclini... I'm thinking it's to good to be true??? I'd love to give anything a go as I'm so desperate for my life back but if there was a clue surely the doctors would give it to us right???

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I think it's just another way of jumping on the band wagon ,of using people who are unwell and in some cases, me being one of makeing MONEY. Have you ever tried getting your money back with a money back guarantee?

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That's supposed to be unwell and in some cases DESPERATE like me. Sorry for missing an important word out. (Haveing a bad day )


It looks like it's a good way to get money from people to me!! If it looks to good to be true it probably is! Be careful!


Thank you for your replies. I think it's to good to he true to. I'm just going to try the probiotics as suggested by my consultant


Layla what probiotics are they ?


There was a couple she suggested. Probio 7, silicol, regucol, VSL-3, symprove


Blurb refers to money back if " no significant improvement". No doubt their definition of this term is questionable. I also see that the post refers to various other conditions that can be cured . If they are so confident why not share their"cures" with the wider medical community. I think the expression if it looks to good to be true then it is not to be trusted applies here. It is a pity that more controls are not enforced to prevent these type of claims.


Aren't we a cynical bunch? For good reason though. I always think if the gastro's don't find things a "cure", then they probably aren't.


I no this isn't really a cure I just wanted to share it with you all. I'm more than sure it's all about the money for these people with out realising what We actually go through. How do I get in touch with a someone like that?


I've suffered from IBS for a number of years. I've tried inclusion diets, exclusion diets, FODMAP, all to no avail, and I had begun to think I just had to live with it. Then I read about Symprove and four months ago decided to give it a try. What a difference.......like most of us with IBS, I still take account of what I eat and avoid too much if foods I know are specific triggers for me, but the frequent dashes to the loo, the need to check out the location of the loo when I'm out, navigating around by public loos, and the toilet roll stuffed in my handbag have gone. It is expensive, and it doesn't taste very nice, but for me - it worked.


Well,I guess from the replies you have received that this kind of 'promise' is not really worth thinking about,never mind spending money on.

I think we DO get a little cynical when you suffer day in and day out,and it seems no one has a clue how to help you.

I was recently put on a pediatric dose(5 mg) of liquid Imodium 3 times a day and the change is amazing.

I take it for a few days and the D stops,then when I feel the need to 'go',I just stop then go to the loo and then back on the meds.

I have had one or two surprise rushes to the loo but over all Id say its been a great success-SO FAR.

Ive only been on it 5 weeks but I usually find the more I use Imodium,the less effective it is.

So I live in hope and thank the Universe for sending it to me!

I wish everyone could find their 'cure'. If D is your problem-ask about this treatment!



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