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Dont eat!!!


I think I've found the cure for my IBS-c just dont eat! The little I eat things seem to run smoothly how depressing is that, I swear now that I've hit 40 things have got worse with ibs its horrible x

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Interesting! Sometimes that works for me, sometimes it doesn't. Could I ask what kinds of foods you eat when limiting your intake.?

Kdw1 in reply to nedds

Hi there I eat quite well and its still no good either much fiber or too little I cant win x

Aye very true. I tried this a number of years ago when I was going through a bad bout of ibs, lost so much weight and looked an felt really ill. I was in early 40’s, but since I’ve hit 50’s it’s like back then, jus goes on an in! Feel yer pain

Kdw1 in reply to BaneOfRagnar

I know it cant be good not eating its awful ya dont know what to do, I usually eat quite well and I'm still suffering 😔

BaneOfRagnar in reply to Kdw1

I’ve found for me it doesn’t matter what I eat, it makes no difference!

Dukey97 in reply to BaneOfRagnar

Does eating some things effect your nerves

BaneOfRagnar in reply to Dukey97

I’ve found if I eat poorly it does hav a slight effect, not everybody can cook fae scratch an there’s so much crap in food now, it’s bound to hav some sort of effect on the body an mind

I only each twice a day now. And I don't (generally) eat before 4pm. This seems to be getting me through for the moment! It's a bit like the intermittent fasting, I guess, although I didn't start out to do that, it was something that gradually evolved over time and then I realised it had a name.

Kdw1 in reply to Maureen1958

Really before 4pm, might be worthwhile doing that myself I'm worst in the evening easier say than done though especially in lockdown lol x

Maureen1958 in reply to Kdw1

I gradually worked up to 4pm, it wasn't a conscious decision, it just seemed to get later and later and then I remembered a conversation I had with another mum when my son was at mother and toddlers (he's 28 now) when she said she never eat until after 4pm!

Will1234 in reply to Maureen1958

Yes , not eating seems to stop me having episodes too. If I am going anywhere , any kind of appointment etc ., I have far less of an issue , if I don't eat beforehand , especially if it is something in the morning. Had IBS for over 50 years and have only ever identified a few foods that cause noticeable flare ups.

Sometimes a given food will be fine and yet on another occasion I am off to the loo urgently not long after eating .

I am beginning to think it is simply a matter of eating , causing system to work in too fast transit .

Only thing that I find helps , is small amounts of food at one time . Problem is ,that if you skip a meal or eat too little , you eventually get hungry and eat too much .

It could be to do with bile production ( bam) but at 74 yrs old and coping since she 21 , I think I will just soldier on . There is only so much investigation that you want .

Maureen1958 in reply to Will1234

Hi Will1234, we have spoken before on the message facility. You may remember that I messaged you about BAM about 8 months ago. If you don't want to go through the procedure which is not invasive at all, you could always ask your doctor if you could try a bile sequestrant. I am thinking of maybe doing this myself, but I don't go to the doctors much but when COVID is a bit more under control perhaps I will try one of the other doctors at our practice. Do you use imodium at all?

Will1234 in reply to Maureen1958

Hi Maureen1958I have not really posted on the forum for quite a while . It is probable that I have discussed this subject before .

There is so much information in the posts I often forget things I might have written about some time ago .

Sometimes , the odd post has something different in it , ie like this one about the cure being don't eat .

As you said , with covid , it would be a bad time to go to doctors for anything outside of an emergency.

To answer your question about Imodium, yes I use it to good effect but I try to restrict it to necessity . Such as going to appointments or for safety of going out to play golf etc.

Most of the time , I have things reasonably well controlled but have spells where in the evenings after dinner , it suddenly hits !

waz2 in reply to Will1234

i totally understand what you are saying i,m a wee bit younger than you at 65 but have had problems all my life my brother mother and grandmother all had same issues so going to outpatients next week for the second time see what they have to say

Suecoo66 in reply to Maureen1958

I do IF as find mornings are my worst. It also helped me shift some weight.

I was thinking the same as well so i am going to fast for two days a week just drink fluids see how that goes

Will1234 in reply to waz2

I don't honestly think fasting is going to achieve anything other than maybe a break from the symptoms of it helps. It would, if symptoms relent , of course prove that the act of consuming food is most likely closely tied to the cause . Still though , I am not convinced that there is much to gain from depriving yourself of proper nourishment on a regular basis . Maybe once or twice to check what happens but not sure . If you don't put anything in , then nothing will come out - it could be that , that is all it really proves .

Like myself , you have had this so long , I think we will have it for ever and can only try to cope with it . Good luck and I hope you discover something that helps you.

Kdw1 in reply to Will1234

I eat well still suffer but it all about finding something that works for you it's never ending gook luck to everyone x

waz2 in reply to Will1234

thank you for replying it helped

Will1234 in reply to waz2

Glad to help . When you feel down with IBS , the strange thing is , that we all seem to derive some comfort when we hear that others have similar symptoms . Just because we are not alone I think .

Batteria in reply to waz2

Fasting helps rest everything. Gastrointestinal system, liver, pancreas, spleen etc. I think intermittent fasting is healing. But we don’t know how to do it. The two day per week fast sounds good but I’ve never tried it. Please get expert advice before you undertake this regime and let us know if it helps your condition. Con amore Bxx

That's depressing all right but not as bad as what happened when I tried not eating for a day or two when I had IBS, I felt much the same for a while on no food and then I started getting burning pain in my stomach which got better when I nibbled something. If you can eat nothing and clear your symptoms up, you're in a better position to figure out whether what you eat is triggering them, if you can't clear them up at all it's harder.

I've been eating it was just the other day, I was so constipated and sore I couldn't eat and had relief when I didnt eat much that day.

Have you tried the lowfodmap diet? Works but still the less food you eat the better it is🤗

yes, I don't eat. I live on egg yokes, creme fraiche, gelatine and chicken stock. No fibre watsoever. One clementine or herring is too much fibre for my intestines.

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