Had IBS since 2014 and can only eat oven chips and frozen beef burgers once a day nothing else

I use to be able to eat anything but since having IBS I can't have wheat, gluten corn rice soya nuts grains dairy, lactose, eggs, spicy food fatty oily food fizzy drink fruit vege etc everything I eat makes me get diahorrea straight away and I go toiletup to 15 times a day even though iI'm really not eating anything but potatoes and burgers. I lost 4 stone since this IBS and people are concerned. I don't know what to eat or do as the doctor told me take tablets and eat anything even though anything gives me diahorrea or maybe I should eat anything and just stay indoors all the time by the toilet and the consequence of persistent continuous diahotrea is not good

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  • Burger and chips is not really a long term healthy option. Think your dr should be organising tests to find out why you have developed this constantcy.

    Have you had any bloods taken or exploritory examinations at all?

  • I agree with what the other post tells you,that's a Heart attack waiting to happen eating like that. Ask for some tests to be done,if your being put off by your GP insist,he can't leave you like this. I can't even begin to know what your going through,4times a day creases me.

    Get something done.😢

  • Go on Monash University app for Fodmaps. Foods are shown on a traffic light system. Eat only those shown on the green symbol. Stick to gluten free and dairy free too. You should do that for 6-8 weeks to allow your system to heal itself then you can add back in foods one by one from the Amber marked foods.

    Ensure your doctor refers you to a gastroenterologist for tests to rule out anything nasty.

    Good luck and try not to worry too much as there are answers to Getting a better life. You just have to take time to find out what your digestive system will tolerate.

  • Have you had a colonoscopy to diagnose IBS ?

  • I agree with above get a better doctor or get a referral asap to a specialist. Fodmap sand a good probiotic (SYMPROVE) will help in the interim. Let us know how you get on

  • I agree with the above posts, you need to have a colonoscopy if you have not had one done, I had one done and found out I had colitis, then when you have details of what it is you have, you can start treating the problem. You cannot go on like this you need to push to see someone about your problems. I wish you the best of luck, that you get sorted soon.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with the person who suggests that you look into the low FODMAP diet.

    I will also add that your current diet is very high in fat and this will only exacerbate IBS-D.

  • Hi babe patricia here I suffered with ibs for 10 yrs & lost so much weight with it & lived on the toilet up to 20 time a day everthing I was eating was no good for me I was so miserable ever day I was eaten gluten all the time but did not know why I was losing weight & eaten all time untill I got so ill & needed a blood transfusion right away becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten untill I had a biopsy & then they told me it was never ibs I had but a much serous autoimmune disease called celiac disease but it has the same symptoms as ibs but if I was you hun I would get tested for it becouse you are losing weight like I was doing but to get tested for celiac disease you have got to eat loads gluten otherwise you will get a negative result becouse you dont eat gluen dont leave it to late like I did & now have so much damage in my intestines

  • Hi Chalease.

    Have you done a stool sample, you may just have too much bad bacteria in your system and not enough good. Try Yakult. It helped me settle my stomach down and when you go to the doctor hey will prescribe you with a drug that stops your muscles from overreacring and making you go to toilet far too many times.

  • Hello Chalease,

    I couldn't not reply to your message. I can feel the pain and despair that has put you into a lonely corner. You know that burger and chips is not nourishing your body, and you need help. I would suggest you go and see a registered dietician with experience treating ibs and /or food intolerance to work with you and help find what is causing your food intolerance, and what substitutes you can eat. It is also worthwhile looking at a low Fodmap diet suggested earlier. I have posted an article on food intolerance that may help you along (on my blog, sickofibs.com) but you need someone to help you with your specific case as your body has become very sensitive. Do also keep in mind that IBS is often not just about food triggers, but emotional ones too.

    And don't give up. I had lactose and fructose intolerance and IBS for over 25 years and never thought I would find the way out - and I have beaten it.

    Hope this helps,


  • I know its not nutritious I really want to eat other things but can't its like my gut/bowels have just become hyper sensitive to, everything and so anything iI try to consume it just reacts quick fast by pooping trying to tell me get it out of your system I don't want it in there. The doctors talk to me like I just chose to eat burger and chips and I didn't I done the fodmap thing aswell no help they will refer me to a dietician coz I need help I'm hungry and this weight loss has really got to me. I am down coz of getting no help and being tired and getting up at like 2 am coz I can't sleep due to tummy pains etc.. Then always going toilet going through sometimes 15 toilet tolls aday its to much.

  • Of course you didn't choose to just eat burger and chips. I understand that totally, and I can relate to just how tired, down and isolated you get. I have been there. And I don't have any of it any more. I never though I would manage to, but I beat chronic IBS. That's why I started a blog: SickofIBS.com So do have a look around it. There is not a miracle fix on there, but lots of little steps that could help you.

    Seriously, until you find out what you are reacting to, you can't move to a better place. And it is urgent that you do something, even if you are really tired. You may feel like your body is reacting to everything, but there are probably some other foods you can eat, and you really need some professional help from a dietician to find them. Not just anyone - someone who treats people for food intolerance and that will support you all through the process. It may take time to find a good one who understands where you are coming from, but it will be worth it.

    You could find that a Reiki master helps calm your body down. This has helped me. Not a miracle fix but maybe something that will soothe your digestion before you try other foods. Again, get someone who is recommended to you.

    But it's time.


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