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IBS sufferer wanting to diet and eat healthier but what do I eat?

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I've had IBS now for two years and have just completed (survived) final year of university. the stress of the last 6 months in particular have caused me to eat more. My IBS has naturally gotten significantly worse and I have put on about a stone and a half since Christmas. I've decided that this can't go on and my diet and exercise starts tomorrow with my motivation being the graduation dress that I want to look amazing in. I luckily love salads and most veg but I am very unsure about what other foods I should introduce into my diet that will help me become the healthier new me but not set off my IBS. I want to be able to snack on fruits and nuts but grapes, oranges and sometimes bananas usually result in a quick dash to the loo and I can't stand the dry taste of nuts

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!!

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We are so different in our responses to foods. Take the slow route. Introduce things singly. Keep a food diary to record their effect. Wait two days before a new introduction so the previous one will have passed through your system. It's tortoise time, slow but sure wins the day. Good luck on the exercise and look stunning in your dress.

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Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian trained in the low FODMAPs diet, this works really well for many people including me.

Fruit and veg are a minefield for anyone with IBS as you've discovered, but FODMAPS sorts these out pretty well into 'safe', 'take care with' and 'unsafe'.

Hi, wow sounds like you had a good time. I'd love to put weight on - never mind be bloated due to i.b.s! Why don't you try some exercise on top of different foods, I make sure food doesn't rule my life, if I'm well I'm well if I'm not then tough! I've found one of the best things is pilates which combines gentle exercise and relaxation including the mind, as stress can exasperate i.b.s or swimming has always been good to me - especially in the heat, I hope you find something you like zumba is meant to be good and quite funny too!

Thanks everyone, going to try a process of elimination initially, discovered today that I love bananas but they definitely don't love me :(

And will look into the dietician and pilates etc. Both sound like they could help!!

Hi do take it easy with regard to salads, veg and fruit..like you i love all that healthy stuff and thought I was eating really well only to discover my "healthy" diet was making things even worse for me! have a look at the fodmap safe foods, I posted a list on here a couple of months back. Maybe see your Gp and ask to be referred to a dietician.

Generally i find excercise and drinking plenty of fluids (not alcohol!) helps to flush out the system and staying off wheat and major amounts of dairy helps me. generally as rule of thumb, avoid wheat, dairy try lactose free milk available from most supermarkets, its close to normal milk without the troublesome sugars in it. avoid caffeine, alcohol (just a little on special occasions) and well read the list for fruit and veg..

Best of luck hope graduation goes well :)

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