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I'm finding a spoon of olive oil is helping with my ibs c , amazing how the simplest thing is helping more than anything else x

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Tell me more, how big a spoon and do you just take it off the spoon or put it with something?

Kdw1 in reply to Maureen1958

I just take a table spoon of it, straight off the spoon, it doesn't taste nice but I think it definitely works, take it 1st thing in the morn with an empty stomach hope it works for you x

Maureen1958 in reply to Kdw1


Kdw1 in reply to Maureen1958

Your welcome you would try anything if it brought some relief x

Quilt2 in reply to Maureen1958

Great idea! Thanks! Another thing I've read about and find helpful is to have a cup of water in the morning BEFORE getting up, (so take with you to bed) and then stay in bed relaxing for 10 minutes. Can feel things start to move and much more likely to go upon getting up.

Kdw1 in reply to Quilt2

Must try that also thank you 😀

How many times a day do you take the olive oil?

Kdw1 in reply to Ruzuz

1 tablespoon in the morn b4 breakfast x

Cedar nut oil is the best , try that

Or drizzle over veg - another good tip is a teaspoon of honey in a little warm water before bed - honey is a prebiotic and it does help constipation

Hi, I've been having s spoon full on my jacket potato as I've got to put weight in but have not tried taking it on its own, will give it a try. I'm assuming its lubricating or coating the digestive tract to help stool slip through more easier.

Kdw1 in reply to Orchid99

I read it was really good so I tried it I've tried so many things cbd oil, aloe vera tablets, sinicol so anything natural that dosnt cost must seems to work better x

Yes it lubricates the intestines wish I could take it would trigger a gallstone attack for me lol x

What symptoms were you having?

Kdw1 in reply to Ruzuz

I have ibs c and it's awful at times.

Orchid99 in reply to Kdw1

I've got ibs c with overflow apparently, but I get loose/soft stool all the time, so I'm baffled. I do find when I increase my fat intake my bowels keep feeling like they want to keep emptying, makes me feel like crap.

Ruzuz in reply to Kdw1

What are your symptoms?

Kdw1 in reply to Ruzuz

I have constipation, painful rectal area, always like I cant fully empty when going to toilet and pain down my right leg

Hi have you tried flax seed oil? Just wondering if this may also help. I have accunouncture and prescribed Chinese herbs which make me go every day and suffer from daily constipation if I don't take them daily. It's a powder which I mix with boiling hot water and take it b4 breakfast and evening b4 i go to bed

Kdw1 in reply to Jmcgrath

I haven't tried flaxseed oil but I take flaxseeds along with my breakfast, its a vicious circle x

I take flaxseeds just sprinkle them over my cereal.

Hi thanks for the olive oil tip I have terrible IBS c with rectal symptoms too Buscopan helps the pain and cramps but the constipation is challenging!

I know exactly how you feel , constipation is definitely challenging its life consuming x

Have you found fruit can start painful cramps?Just had a bad week experimenting with whole meal bread and kiwi fruit of which helps constipation but I’ve been in agony

I'm in agony tonight again I've had a orange and plenty of water still nothing 😌

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