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No real relief

I have suffered for six months now with more or less constant nausea a gnawing stomach pain and intermittent constipation.

I have purposely lost 15kgs which was necessary and have adjusted my diet dramatically although no wiser on exactly which foods are the trigger.

The main factor is the persistent nausea from stomach to throat and although taking prescribed Nexium and various natural remedies all to no avail.

I must admit these months also coincided with a very stressful period and prior to this a very poor diet.

I presume the next step is evasive exploration of what might be the cause which I am currently not enthusiastic to pursue but might be my only option.

Not exactly a great way to start a New Year

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I suffer with colitis after seeing the doctor and going for tests, which I think is the best way forward. You need to find out what you are dealing with. I manage my problems mainly by diet, find wheat and corn cause me problems, started taking colpermin to help with the bloating to get rid of the gas and air, which causes stomach bloating. Stress does not help as well. Best of luck.


How awful for you suffering from constant nausea. You need to go to your doctor and list all of your symptoms as they will need to carry out some tests.

Best of luck


Hi I had that but it was gastric ulcers; they were caused by ibufrofen and losing weight to quickly. all caused by having a wisdonm tooth removed. dentist didnt say to alternate paracelamols and ibuprofen so, i just took ibuprofen every 4 hours.

Hope you find out the cause soon and stress is a cause too


Constant nausea could indicate gastroparesis.

I would get off the Nexium. That stuff is horrible and will only make matters worse in the long run, with due respect.


Thank you JAJJV

Yes, as my symptoms seemed if anthying more extreme since taking Nexium I have ceased taking them.


There are other anti sickness tablets around so ask for some different medication dont suffer in silence


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