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Hi guys

I have eaten and forgot to take mebeverine do I take it now or wait this evening

Kind regards

Shaun xxx

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You can take it now Shaun, it won’t do you any harm, just leave 4 hours in between the next one 🤗xx you be ok my sweet xx

Shaunine in reply to Cimmy

Thank you Linda felt a bit queasy last night xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cimmy in reply to Shaunine

I know hun, I’ve always got that queasy feeling, it’s not nice is it. If you get it again try sipping flat lemonade, it sometimes settles it down for me. Or ask doctor for anti sickness tablets they are good when your feeling sucky.Xxxx

Hugs 🤗

I have just been persceibe this is it good. ?does it stopPain plz. Marg x

After 56yrs this is the first time they gave me some thing. X

Hi what have they given you hun, you didn’t say x

Same. As shaunnie. But haven’t receive them yet. Probly tomoz regards marg

Colofac meneverine


One twice a day about 20. Mins. Befor a meal

Hi Marg, yes it is good it stops the cramps and gripes x

Hi shounie I can’t wait iv been in ago g for 8mths a tablet colestral has been havein my bad trapped gas since may I spoke with doc he told me last night iv had I. B s for yrs to. So double the cramps Can’t wait to try it at last I hope it works thx you shaunnie. Regards marg

Hi Marg, I sent you a message a few days ago, I'm not sure if you have seen it. You need to go into chat to see it.

Aw sorry

Did you find the message okay? Do you think it could be what you are experiencing?

Never seen a measage

If you look right up the top of the page to the left, there are two speech bubbles intertwinned (next to the bell), if you go into that it should say message between you and me and you should be able to read it.

Did b nothing for me I don’t ya me it any more

If you feel you really need it then take one if not then wait till the next dose.

Shaunine in reply to Suecoo66

Thank you Sue much appreciated xxxx

As long as you don't take too many you'll be fine, i tend to leave 10 hours between mine

Hi SIt’s Batteria. I’ve been trying to get through to you but without success. Maybe this time. I’m fine today and have been for some time. Hope you are getting closer to a solution. Con amore. Xx

Please toHere what’s your secret. Lol send it me plz. Xxmarg

My greatest breakthrough and a short cut for you is reading

The clever guts diet

By dr Michael Mosley

The man deserves a knighthood.

I wish you nothing but recovery

Con amore


Hi Batteria, that’s brilliant news, I had some bloods taken yesterday and won’t get the results till next Wednesday. So I will await my doom lol . Felt awful last night though griping stomach, nausea. The mebeverine are working though. Con amore S xxx

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