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Immodium - Help needed please!


Diarrhoea is literally ruining my holiday. I have been 4 times and it’s only 1pm.

I can’t go anywhere!!!

I took 2 immodium instants about 10/15 mins ago and had another bout of diarrhoea just now. It says on the packet to take 1 after every loose movement but I’m assuming I shouldn’t take a third as perhaps it hasn’t had long enough to enter my system?

I’m so upset that I can’t just enjoy my break and no idea why I am so ill 😭

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So sorry to hear that - I know how it feels, and the same has happened to me many times. It really sucks!

If I were you I would take 2 immodium before you go to bed each night of the holiday - that will stop the D, and you can relax and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Also - be careful what you eat on holiday as a big change in diet won’t help either.

Hi that's not nice for you, I dose up on imodium on holiday because I don't know where toilets are, I usually have 2-4 in the morning and then I am good to go. It sounds like something has really disagreed with you though. Give it time, I am sure the imodiums will kick in soon x

You can take up to 8 Imodium in 25 hours, whilst you’re away I would utilise this. I take two every night before bed every day just to get me through the working week, sometimes more if I have something stressful or important halppening. It’s the only thing that helps my ibs and my doctor said long term that’s fine. If I had a holiday or travelling to do I would certainly take more in order to be able to enjoy my life, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday x

*24 hours

Thank you so much. I guess I just need to keep taking them and hopefully I can get through the remaining days and the trip home

Give it chance to work. Usually when I take Imodium instants I have one more bowel movement and then it stops. Don't take too many immodium you won't be able to go at all. Trust me I have done it and ended up in hospital. If you give it time to work it will settle. After taking one I don't usually go at all on the next day.

So sorry to hear this. It’s awful when this happens on holiday. If I have a flare up I usually take two Imodium instants then wait half an hour to an hour. If I’m still running back and forth after around an hour then I take another one. Make sure you drink plenty water and if they have any peppermint tea anywhere then a cup of that should settle your tummy pains.

I take looeramide 3 initially before venturing out, then 1 immodiuum instant after each loose bowel movement. Stress and anxiety makes it alot worse too so try to think of other things or play a mobile phone game while you are in the bathroom

Thank you! To be honest not sure if I have over dosed now 😭 i took two to start the treatment, then hours later took one, then just before bed (which was hours later again) i took one.

This morning we were going on a walk so I took one.

I’m going to stop now but I’m worried that I maybe went overboard

I take ordinary imodium X 2 if I'm out for few hours, generally works for me, couldn't survive without them! I'm so sorry about this for you. Really taxes you I know! It doesn't seem to matter what I eat! Good luck Dee! You are not alone, remember that - hugs and kisses.

Thank you! To be honest not sure if I have over dosed now 😭 i took two to start the treatment, then hours later took one, then just before bed (which was hours later again) i took one.

This morning we were going on a walk so I took one.

I’m going to stop now but I’m worried that I maybe went overboard

Have your doctor prescribe you any of these drugs! Welchol, Colestipol, and/or Questran. They are miracle drugs and stop chronic diarrhea in it's dirty little tracks! These are bile acid sequestrants and are just amazing! I had chronic diarrhea for years and could not leave my house before 1:00 in the afternoon, when finally (maybe!) I would be through with chronic diarrhea. Anyway, hope he/she will prescribe, because these are the only drugs I know of that really stop it.

DeeDee412 in reply to sweetsusie

No my doctor was pretty hopeless and just said take immodium if you get diarrhoea. (which i could have just told myself..)

It’s not JUST diarrhoea, it’s absolutely chronic and intense pain like I’ve never felt. It isn’t normal.

Seen doctors for years and they never tell me anything different

sweetsusie in reply to DeeDee412

Well..wouldn't hurt to ask and/or suggest for him/her to prescribe one of these for you. No foul....

DeeDee412 in reply to sweetsusie

I shall have to investigate!


Hi Dee dee- know how you feel - have you tried a couple of co-codamol for the colon pain and spasm.? I take fibre gel orange which absorbs the water in the colon and helps you to go to the loo normally. I don't eat other fibrous food which might upset me like all bran or beans - but eat cooked potatoes and carrots, an eat white meat and fish rather than beef or sauces which contain wheat. You could try boiling your drinking water as water sometimes upsets my stomach and gut. May be milk and cheese might be differently prepared too? Coffee and tea might irritate your gut a s well as extra cold ice cubes, alcohol and fats. Shell fish such as oysters you might be wary of.

May be you could have arrange of food intolerance tests when you come home? I had mine done at a chemist and since removing them am much better. Magnesium found in magnesium carbonate peppermint indigestion tablets can help the gut, and the pain. Eating a square or two of dark chocolate can stop the runs- tip from a chemistry expert from Switzerland. Do hope you can enjoy your holiday. Apple and banana are non acid fruits and may help the IBS.

Hi DeeDee, just looking through this post and wondering if you have looked into BAM (Bile Acid Malabsorption). Perhaps you should google it and see if if sounds like what you are dealing with and discuss it with your doctor if it sounds possible. I know a little about it if you want to ask me anthing. Maureen.

I haven’t no. Whenever I ask my doctor more questions they’re very quick to shut it down with an IBS label, but I am not convinced! I know a lot of people with IBS and when I describe my diarrhoea attacks no one can relate. I know each person is different but these attacks are extreme and I can’t fathom it in my head to just be IBS! I need to keep pushing the doctors but it’s been years now and it’s so frustrating the amount of effort you have to go through just to be listened to x


You are in a strange place which I’m sure isn’t helping you one bit... try not to get too stressed I’m certain your tummy will calm itself .. Imodium are very good ..

all of this could be stress related I suffer the same when I’m not in my comfort zone .. try and enjoy your holiday .. lots of love 💗

DeeDee412 in reply to Shvuntz

Thank you so much, it’s such a pain :( It completely wrecks my confidence and makes my anxiety so much worse as I panic about going out anywhere!

Shvuntz in reply to DeeDee412

My ibs is so anxiety fueled so I feel your pain .. I really hope you have a nice holiday 😘

Hi, I am nowhere near as bad as you but over the years I have had a few accidents after eating at Restaurants. I now have 2 Imodium 3 hours before I eat. I also drink almond milk and not a lot of dairy. White wine seems better than red. When I am anxious it is worse. Good luck

DeeDee412 in reply to Lin1944

2 immodium before breakfast lunch and dinner? I am worried about how many i have been taking. Do you take them everyday?

Hi again, I only take Imodium when I go to eat out at Restaurants. A surgeon told my friend she can take 8 a day no problems. I also cut things out my diet that I may have food intolerance. I don’t eat mushrooms, onions, only almond milk and as little dairy as possible. Good luck x

im nt sure what country your in but I find chemists abroad really helpful I would po in an speak to them sometimes they have better stuff thtan us an I stock up hen im on holiday

Did you end up taking a 3rd?

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