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Vomiting every day for 11 weeks


I started vomiting 11 weeks ago, thought it was a sickness bug at first but didn't stop. Ended up in hospital on a drip. This has continued, I wake up, force myself to eat and vomit several times over a period of 4-5 hours until my stomach settles. If I don't eat every hour or so I get extremely shaky and lightheaded. The vomiting doesn't help the nausea. I don't have any other abdominal symptoms and I'm not pregnant. Prior to this I was taking no medication and was fit and healthy.

I have had blood tests, a ct scan and a gastroscopy and nothing has been found. They've looked for gall stones, ulcers, etc. I am taking lansoprazole which helps a bit but it stops me from sleeping. Omeprazole was worse with causing problems with sleeping. Also, as I don't have a diagnosis I'm not sure why an acid suppressant should help with vomiting.

Has anyone experienced this before or got any ideas?

Many thanks.

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So once your stomach settles are you okay to eat then? Or do you continue being sick all day?

I can keep food down then, but have to eat a small amount of bland food every couple of hours otherwise get shaky and lightheaded. I remain nauseous all day. Dont feel too bad when I go to bed but wake with pain in night, end up getting up around 4 / 5 o'clock and the cycle starts again.....

Do you drink milk?

I've cut out gluten and dairy in case it's something to do with that.

Oh because when I get sick and nauseous I tend to drink milk, not big glasses of it but small amounts just sipping at it to start with. My mum always said that milk lines yours stomach. Then you can try to eat solids. It works for me but if you have stopped having dairy that won't work unless you use an alternative milk like rice milk or something. Just a thought!

Thanks, I'll give that a go!

I hope it helps a bit a least. Regards the acid suppressants, I have read a lot of bad things on this site about these drugs, I personally would steer clear of them. Perhaps ask your doctor why he/she has prescribed them.

Do you have any allergies or have been tested for allergies? What about your vitamins level? B12 good? If you have had full blood count b12 must have shown up, your liver etc? Do you have any anxieties?

I asked the doctor about allergies but she thought the vomiting would show more of a pattern. Blood tests all fine but don't know exactly what they tested. No anxieties apart from the sickness and the usual concerns of having 3 kids. I am very down at the moment because of being ill which I guess isn't helping.

Thanks for your reply!

Maybe a holistic specialist? Probiotics, maybe? So sorry that’s it’s been tough on you.

Yes, worth a try I think, thanks!

Bloody hell I bet you lost some weight. Definitely not good to be being sick every day for 11 weeks.

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Yes, lost nearly a stone, which I guess is why they were so quick with scans and gastroscopy.


11 weeks? Wow, than if no medical underlining, metastasize of unknown origin, ulcers in GI etc. and all the big tickets item I guess they checked already. You look at your diet prior this 11 weeks, vegetarian? Were taking supplements of sort?

And hey, nothing wrong to try antacid just to see if that is helping, I promise you it won't kill you. Give it a go, 24/hrs enteric coat pills preferable.



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also I've seen bulimia nervosa in young ppl. Trying to help here, are you underweight? Remember you can always ask your GP for an advise.



It's good they've checked all the main causes and they've come back clear but frustrating not to get to the bottom of it yet. Had normal diet, pretty healthy, took genetic multi vitamins. Might be slightly underweight now having lost 10lb, but pretty average before.

Thanks for the advice about the acid suppressant, you can read a lot of scary stuff about them!

Oh god that sounds terrible. I can get terrible bouts of nausea and spent years trying to treat it to find it’s psychological rather than physical. I was put on amitriptyline (sorry if it’s spelt wrong) on a very low dose and it helped. Either way the dr can’t leave you like this. Great they’ve ruled out all the obvious causes but you need it to stop.

That's interesting, doctor said amitriptyline is her next thing to try. Useful to know this has helped you, thanks!

Oh good. It was a very low dose and I recommend taking it before bed as can make you slightly drowsy but I noticed a difference quite quickly. I remained on it for about 12 months and then was weaned off it.

I agree with Maureen1958 ask your doctor why he has put you on Lansaprazole you should be able to have a telephone conversation today because of this lockdown. I couldn't take omeprazole or lansaprazole as they made me feel worse. I stopped lansaprazole 2 weeks ago and my stomach is much better. I refused to try any other meds apart from gaviscon. You should get this sorted, I wish you luck and keep safe

Thanks, she said that although the gastroscopy was clear there might still be some underlying issue which the PPI could help with. It is interesting when you read the common side effects and they include nausea and vomiting!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Your welcome. Hope you feel better soon.

Obvious question have they got you on anti sickness meds

Got some ondansetron which I take if feeling really bad. Not sure I should take it all the time, probably another question for the doctor!

I have the same problem for a year now. They only find mild GERD and gastritis and said that these can’t cause vomiting. Then my amylase and lipase (pancreatic enzymes) increased. Then they found high coxsakie B antibodies, it’s a kind of enterovirus. Until they found what’s wrong with me, they thought I have anorexia nervosa. In vain I tried to convince them that I desperately want to eat, but I vomit everything. Anyway, let them check your whole GI tract with gastroscopy and colonoscopy, abdominal CT scan and get evaluated by an ENT and endocrinologist. Let them measure your antibodies against enteroviruses in blood and send your stomach biopsies for PCR for enteroviruses. Let them check for celiac disease.

Until they find what’s wrong with you, they could give you Zofran or even Remeron. Remeron is an antidepressant with good antivomiting properties. If everything else fails, you could take it just not to suffer.

Thanks for responding. Could they treat the enterovirus or did it just explain what was wrong?

I've got done zofran which helps, just not sure I should take it all the time, will check with the dr.

There is still no cure for enterovirus, unfortunately. They say new meds will come out next year. You can take Zofran every 8h for as long as needed, but it just alleviates the symptom, it’s not a cure. As to prazoles, I don’t know if they contribute to my nausea even more. It’s hard to tell. My stomach hurts more without them.

I hope the meds come out next year and that they help you. Thanks for sharing your story.

Do you think it could be your ppi,I was on omeprazole a few years ago and had the same symptoms,the hospital took me off it and put me on an H2 blocker instead and my symptoms went,also I was put on an anti sickness medication too,at the hospital they said It was severe side effects from the ppi,Hope this helps

I did wonder about that and spoke to the doctor about putting me on H2 blocker instead but apparently they got recalled last year and difficult to get hold of. Interesting that helped you, thanks for your help.

I'm sorry but whatever it is that is causing this, your GP really needs to get to the bottom of it as a matter of urgency! Nobody should be left vomiting every day for 11 weeks!

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No, it's not been pleasant 😔

Lansoprazole is better than Omeprazole

The later drives up your heart rate

Do you have a sore throat or have a nasty taste in your mouth? drink some water with bicarbonate of soda. If you hiccup you probably have acid reflux try taking 60ml of your medication it’s helped me a bit

My sister had a similar situation, ending up in the hospital and hers was severe gastritis, which acid reducing helped, and severe constipation. The doctor told her to take Miralax every day.

That's interesting about the Miralax, one of the doctors suggested taking a laxative even if I didn't feel constipated, maybe with a try.

Thanks for your help.

Oh my goodness, I feel awful for you. What a terrible time (at the worst of times 😞). I can’t actually believe you’re being left to manage this with no support medically.

I know loads of people have made suggestions and forgive me if someone has already asked, but have you been checked for diabetes? It’s just that my aunt discovered she had diabetes because she couldn’t stop being sick. Please take care, I’m so sorry you’re suffering like this, it’s grim, xx

Thanks for your suggestion, I've been wondering about sugar levels over the last few days as I get so lightheaded and desperate for food. I'll check with the doctor whether they've looked at that. Thanks for your help!

No probs ❤️. You really need some answers - make sure you tell them you have virtually no quality of life with this awful vomiting. Xxx

Ask to have a gastric emptying test done as this is the only test that can identify the muscles and nerves throughout your GI tract. If your Gut motility is slow it causes vomiting it’s called Gastroperisis and is not offered even if there is inflammation. It is awful vomiting all the time do not except this as normal it’s not.

Thanks, I'll speak to the doctor about this. Appreciate the advice.

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