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Still suffering from nausea and pain even though taking metaclopromide.

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The past year I have been suffering from bloating, pain and nausea. This is then followed by frequent visits to the toilet a couple of hours after. I normally get it of an evening and it lasts roughly 24 hours.

I did see my gp who put me on metaclopromide and referred me to a specialist. The tablets worked to an extent but I still get queasy and bloated with pain but at least I am not sat there clinging onto a bowl as I was before. My consultant thinks I have a hiatus hernia and I have been waiting for an endoscopy since lockdown. My appointment has now been cancelled because I didn’t want to go as I am in the shield group.

Is it worth me going back to my gp for a different prescription or should I just stick with it.

Anyone else suffer with the same symptoms. Any insight would be greatly received.

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Hi, tiredmum. I am sorry you suffer with these symptoms, I am one of the same kind. Did your gp perform any tests, such as blood tests and an ultrasound?

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tiredmum in reply to MariaSt

No she didn’t MariaSt. I should think it will be six months before I can get an endoscopy now. I really watch what I eat and am of a healthy weight so am in a quandary as to why I am still suffering.

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MariaSt in reply to tiredmum

Your doctor should at least give you antacids and/or proton pump inhibitors and run some basic blood test, checking your liver and pancreatic function. Sometimes we think that it’s the stomach that hurts, but it could be actually the gallbladder or pancreas and these should be ruled out with an ultrasound of the upper abdomen. Don’t just wait 6 months for an endoscopy and ask your doctor for these tests. Undiagnosed abdominal pain isn’t something that can wait.

Hi tiredmum.

Before taking anymore drugs try changing your diet. I'm amazed that doctors dont advise removing milk and milk products from your diet. I have suffered for 26 years with all your symptoms and many more to the point were in the last 3 months I was hospitalized. I've had polyps removed over the years from my bowel. Along with other cancer scares to do with my bowel. I then was diagnosed with Arthritis in both hips. The discomfort was unbelievable. I became a vegan and no word of a lie within 36 hours my bowel symptoms went. I still have arthritis but with a 2 stone weight loss In 2 months it has all helped. Ive now been a Vegan for 2 years. To many people i no suffer with a form of IBS and or bowel problems. Honestly do some investigations in to Lactose intolerance. Hope you start to feel better soon.

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tiredmum in reply to DRDarnell

Thank you, it’s nice to hear your health has considerably improved.

I should of stated that I am dairy free and have been for about 20 years. I don’t eat spicy food, fatty food or anything fried as they all make me very poorly with upset stomach and nausea. I try to eat as healthily as I can but I do eat a lot of carbs because I find these help ease my stomach considerably.

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oldfog in reply to tiredmum

I do not know enough about Hiatus Hernia or GORD to advise you. But it might be worth trying the low FODMAP diet and gluten free foods. And also food combining, whereby you only eat your meat or fish on its own or with vegetables and you eat the starches like potato, rice, pasta and bread a little while later.

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tiredmum in reply to oldfog

I have never heard of the food combining!! I will look into it thank you.

Try ginger biscuits or crystalised ginger for the nausea, milk seems to be a common cause of pain and bloating, switch to oat milk. Stay away from acidic foods and drinks, nothing fizzy to drink, limit coffee, drink plenty of water. Get plenty of rest and sleep, stress is your enemy.

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tiredmum in reply to MatthewU

Thank you, I have soya milk but may try oat milk. I don’t drink coffee and limit myself to one glass of flat lemonade. I may try to cut out tangerines as you say acidic food doesn’t help.

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Ginger capsules or ginger tea, try either, they did wonders for me.

Also, activated charcoal can help.

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tiredmum in reply to Hidden

Thank you, never tried ginger tea, will give it a try .

Definitely ask for ultrasound to check stomach and abdomen.i was referred Friday then called Monday and had it done yesterday amazed at speed. Apparently people cancelling or not going to appointments. I wore a mask kept to2meter rule just need answers. Was told overies liver gall bladder all finegoing to ask for camera something is going on as soon as food takenpain starts.

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