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Colon transit test


Has anyone had one of these ?

Did it help with a diagnosis of slow transit and what did they do to treat it?

Took my first 2 today , 2 tomorrow and friday and have an xray on monday morning and an mri proctogram.

Anyone had one of those , it does not sound fun!

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I did that last week, not got results yet. Had the proctogram today, it's a strange sensation but hopefully will be worth it

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Was the proctogram really horrible?

They said you sit on a commode but it says it's an mri and usually you lay down in those?

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Ther worst bit for me was the barrium drink. And it's more uncomfortable than painful. I sat on a cardboard bowl. Not quiet the camode I thought it'd be. I've been vomiting since I've left the hospital though and major cramping.

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I've got quite a long journey home as I'm from the isle of wight so have to get a ferry over to Southampton then a taxi so hope I'm not vomiting all the way home. Sounds horrible

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Take some water with you and something to nibble strong flavoured after it may help. Everyone is different I mean there was lady in there that drunk it so quick I felt envious,

I've stopped being sick now just really cramping up still

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I hope you feel better today.

It’s the only way to diagnose slow transit. The scan is painless, but if you rely on laxatives, as I do, being without them for several days while you take the radioactive capsules is very difficult. Good luck!

Yes I have to take laxatives or I don't go so by the time I have the xrays on monday I will be very uncomfortable as it will be over a week since I last took any .

I had a spinal fusion a couple of months ago and when I get stomach ache it really hurts my low back.

I really hope these tests show what's going on so I can get some help sorting it out.

Thank you for replying

Yes, I’m the same. Though multiple tests have shown entire sections of my colon do not move at all (hence an ileostomy has been recommended), plus the long-term consequences have been an intersusseption and global pelvic floor collapse with internal rectocele and cystocele. Pretty devastating really. I ended up on just soup and small meals towards the end of the transit test as I also get a huge buildup of gas, and without laxative there was just no room for more food by the end of the week.

If it shows slow transit, try not to be disheartened. There are drug therapy options that might work for you, such as linaclotide, prucalopride, and some new ones in development which prevent bile reabsorption (though not yet approved by NICE). Forget fibre or diet - they make zero difference to functional disorders though many doctors don’t realise this. Good luck!

I think I'm going to be pretty uncomfortable by Monday if I havent had any bowel movements at all. I've already had prucalopride and I have linaclotide at the moment but they arent working only dulcolax works.

I have a connective tissue problem probably hypermobile EDS my rheumatologist said which could be causing some of this as I had a hysterectomy due to uterus prolapse and I have a cystocele and rectocele so my pelvic floor is in a bad way to I imagine.

I am a bit concerned because if dulcolax stop working I'm not sure what I'll do and I know taking them long term cant be a good thing .

The consultant thinks its probably multiple things going on, maybe the nerves have been damaged from the hysterectomy or spinal surgery plus I take pain meds which dont help.

What are they going to do to treat yours?

Me too Meg, only senna works for me - in huge doses, which causes vomiting and cramps. It’s a difficult thing to cope with. I’m hoping new drug trials give me another option, other than ileostomy. Fingers crossed hey!

You and me sound pretty similar, yes it is getting harder to manage as the laxatives just give me diarrhoea so I'm stuck at home near the bathroom couple of times a week.

Keep in touch let me know how you get on.

How long ago did you have your tests?

Are you on new trial drugs now?

Had all three tests last Monday. Completely painless, if you can, drink the gunk down in one! It's vile. Waiting for a follow up appointment. Blocked my toilet with the chalky stuff lol ☺️

Thanks everyone for your replies I hope we get some answers soon.

I have also had it done and agree it not very nice but it does give you some answers. Hope it goes ok x

Thank you, what treatment did you get to help with slow transit?

Prucalopride and movical. I also have a irrigation system at home for daily irrigation as have a rectocel x

Prucalopride didnt help me and I've tried movicol too, I'm on linaclotide at the moment which at first for about a week I thought was helping but it stopped working pretty quickly. I dont have an irrigation system or anything. I have a rectocele and cystocele too .

Sorry to have to tell you this but the test is a piece of cake compared to the treatment. I had Ace Malone surgery, Sacral Nerve Stimulation, now have to start with mini irrigation system. My daily meds are resolar, mestinon, zofran, ppi & vit D as well as 2 klean prep, 1 picolax & 1 cleenema I flush all the laxatives through my stoma. I don't want to scare you but be very careful what treatment they offer you because there is no miracle solution, you have to way up the pro and cons and all of the above comes with it's own problems and has a significant impact on your life. However, we are all so different and what might not work for some can have terrific results for others, just make sure you know exactly how each treatment is going to affect you. Good luck and hope all goes well.

I tend to agree with AmandaJW,I’ve had all the tests to. I think a Proctor gram is more embarrassing than painful. But I agree whatever the outcome be it tablets,operation,etc etc,please do your homework first.

Thank you , I'm not sure what the outcome will be but I was very impressed with the consultant I saw in Southampton but until I've had the tests she cant say what they can do. I've got another test with a balloon and some probes to test nerve and muscle strength I think as I've had a few spinal surgeries which may have affected the nerves in that area.

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Hi, Megnstan I’ve had 9 spinal surgeries, fused from S1 up to L1 and I’ve had my coccyx removed. They have just started thinking these operations may have affected the nerves like you say.

What level are you fused?

I have IBS but I suffer with frequent diarrhoea.

I had an anterior/posterior L4/5 fusion done the end of November last year, but had a discectomy in 2017 which had complications of a csf leak which needed repairing as it wouldn't stop and a spinal sepsis infection after which needed opening back up to wash out.

I had a hysterectomy a few months before that. So my stomach issues started then in 2017 but got to the point a year ago that I dont seem to have a bowel movement without a stimulant laxative and then its diarrhoea.

I'm constantly bloated all the time with no appetite much .

The gastroenterologist seemed to think it was more than one thing , possibly nerve damage either spinal or from the hysterectomy so the nerves aren't sending the correct messages to my brain or muscles in my colon arent working in sequence.

I'm hoping the shape tests monday and the mri proctogram after that xray will give some answers.

I've got a balloon test in April too to test nerve and muscle strengths.

I havent had a bowel movement since last weekend now and I'm getting very uncomfortable as I'm not allowed to take any laxatives obviously or it will mess up the test results.

I think you should speak to your spinal consultant or get your gp to refer you to a gastroenterologist maybe.

My spinal surgeon dismissed my bowel problems and said it's not spinal related but something happened in 2017 to start this off.

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