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Throughout the long period that I have suffered IBS ,one thing is very strange and it totally amazes my wife. The matter I refer to, is quick transit from eating to eliminating. The other night I ate something with a sweat chili sauce and almost immediately, after two or three mouthfuls, I said to my wife - this is going to go "straight Through me". She said that could not possibly happen. I was correct , within half an hour I was on the loo with explosive D. All out then more or less ok.

I have had this sensation in the past many times, where as soon as I eat something that is going to disagree , I know almost before it hits my stomach. It seems impossible for that food to pass through so quickly.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this experience .

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  • I have experienced this too and I could never understand it because everything I've read says that digestion should take between 12-24 hours?!

  • Agreed. Did you find out why this occurs so quickly i.e. much less than 12-24 hours , or is it still just a mystery ?


  • Hi, yes, I have often rushed to the loo before finishing a meal. My digestive system often thinks its running a marathon. I have been known to get sudden diarrhoea after a cup of coffee.There are definite foods involved for me - spaghetti bolognese and roast dinners being the worst culprits. But I've found other issues may be involved such as eating too quickly and memories of stressful mealtimes. I have to be 'mindful' when I eat. If I get carried away with chatting/distractions I bolt my food and don't chew properly. Guess what I'm saying is just how closely linked food/eating is linked to anxiety.

  • Hi,

    So do you think it is something in the content of what you are eating ,or do you think it is stress related. When this happened to me , I was also getting a bit stressed ,trying to find suitable apartment rentals for an extended break abroad next winter and I kept finding snags.

    It is possible that stress was the cause but I doubt it because I knew this was going to occur while I was eating. It was as if the taste was telling me that my system did not like this food.

    Very strange.


  • For me, this part of my IBS is directly related to what I eat. I have flare-ups that give me other symptoms, but when it's urgent evacuation during or immediately after a meal I know I've eaten something off. Usually for me it's some sneaky corn in a different format or a FODMAPS fruit or vegetable.

  • Food,+"anxiety/stress is the key !

    Mindfullness when eating is yet another trick,we must use in this minefield of beating IBS

    When you eat you are also taking down varying levels of air into the stomach.......that's why I stooped chewing gum actually

    And the fast reactions,to,food ?

    Hahahahaha.......my wife can stopwatch me sometimes ......although in truth I must say sometimes I've done it deliberately to clear,the channels if I have been uncomfortable for a while and just want to get back to nothing in system

    Chicken fajitas works,for,me .....lhahahaah


  • It is typical with IBS-D. When I had my colonoscopy I took strong laxatives and didn't eat for 24hrs so my digestive system was completely empty. After the colonoscopy I ate and within two hours it had passed through me. I often avoid eating until I know I have nothing else to do for the day because as soon as I eat I need to go.

    With IBS-D your body processes certain foods more quickly than normal and with IBS-C its slower than normal.

    It seems impossible but it's true unfortunately.

  • I believe it! I drank carrot juice and it came out after an hour. It seems with D there is nothing left in our stomachs and it's just moving so fast and undigested. I can't believe it when people or doctors well me it's impossible and takes 24 hours!


  • Things can affect me after a short time as well

  • Hi

    Yep, eating anything with large chunks of onion do that to me even in a meal which I've not realised contains onion. The ill effects can last for months if I don't take a probiotic to counteract it. Goodness knows what's going on there.

  • Thanks for replies on this topic everyone. I think this is interesting because , to eat and think immediately that this is not going to agree with me and have it pass, apparently straight through your system ,sometimes as quick as 10 -15 minutes is amazing. I think there must be something in the mind going on after experiencing the taste. Like your brain says , I don't like this taste , send it straight through and your system obeys. It simply avoids normal digestive processes and basically opens a door and fires it straight down your tubes and out.

    The only other alternative would be that the culprit food is not liked by your system and it starts up a reaction which sends previously eaten and food further down the digestive process rushing through. All very odd but quite a concern if it occurs when having a meal out with friends etc.


  • Hi Will , I also get this .I,s like my body say,s. Don't like this get rid of it . I Cannot eat anything with Lactose or Fructose ,which is most things . Cannot eat Fruit or Salad .i know within 5-10 mins i am in the Loo and in terrible pain . Also I had to have a aFasting Blood test on Monday so could not eat anything fromSunday night ,so after having nothing to eat for 10 hours and then eating two slices of weight Watchers bread ( Dextrose ) sugar ,and Lactose free spread. And a cup of tea withLactose free milk my stomach was bad for a couple of day,s . It helps to eat small meals and often .

  • This happens to me quite often. To the point I get embarrassed to eat out. Usually will be stuck in bathroom while everyone is still eating, then they pay and then they wait on me. I'm usually stuck in there close to an hour. Terrible pains, diarrhea, nausea, u name it. I describe to my husband all the time that it feels like an animal inside my guts and it is trying to claw its way out or it feels like something is twisting and tying my guts in knots

  • thanks everyone for all the replies. Obviously , I am not alone in this.

    It is a very strange thing , however, it seems to occur . I still fail to understand it but thankfully it only happens to me occasionally .

    Onwards and Upwards


  • How is the golf ?

  • hi calista,

    My golf has been going down hill for the last couple of years. My handicap has gone up from 7 to 11. Having said that, just the other week when I was getting really frustrated with my game I took a lesson. Following this I scored 78 gross and last Saturday in our club championship qualifier, I came 4th with a 79 gross.

    All this was great and more like the golf I used to play.

    How is your game ?

    A change to discuss something different from the symptoms of IBS


  • Hi Will.

    Wow...7...11...78 Gross !

    That is great golf .

    The lowest I ever got was 22 that when I was young and the course was short !

    Now 28 and rising and would be pleased to have 78 nett .even.

    But I love to get out even for the social aspect and is my outlet ...well drugged up with immodium .

    I spent the day watching the Irish Open on tv . Very wet . At least "Our Rory" is in the leaders .

    I noticed that you go abroad some and just thinking of the food and our condition . We used to go on hols a lot and I loved it but the food !! especially Spanish . However my husband is in early dementia so we dont travel now . I dont mind .We had our days.

    . You are lucky to have an understanding wife and keep enjoying life golf and hols .

    Best wishes


  • Hi Calista,

    Thanks for reply. As long as you enjoy your golf, that is the main thing. My wife tries weekly to break 100 but if I give her 2 shots at par 4's and par5's ,plus 1 shot at the par 3's --she usually wins, it is just good fun , well good fun if the weather is nice.

    Sorry to hear about your husband's condition , I have a golfing friend with the same.

    We are trying to take as many holidays as we can , for the very reason that at our time of life, it could have to stop anytime.

    I would hate to regret not doing things that I could have done.

    best wishes and keep playing.


  • I get this quite frequent. I always find after eating a food that triggers my bowels within less than 12 hrs I am rushing to the toilet. I also find going out for meals I always have to go to the toilet before finishing it.

  • I find this if I eat too much salad or certain veggies. And especially if I have them two days in a row. I follow the 4 day rule. Also I absolutely cannot eat reheated food.

    I would be interested to hear if you tried this wether it would make a difference to you too.

    If you sit down to eat expecting to have to rush off you will be stresses every time you do eat! It's a horrid cycle.

  • Thanks for reply and info. I seldom, if ever, eat reheated food and agree certain salad and vegetables are possible things that can spark of an attack.

    I don't have this reaction always but when it occurs, it is the relationship between taste and knowing immediately that an attack is imminent which interests me.


  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the replies on the subject of quick transit. It seems to be a common problem and at least it is good to know that I am not alone in experiencing this.

    It is of some comfort to me , although I still feel that it is a very odd thing. Next morning is bad enough but straight after eating is really too much. Thank goodness it is not a regular occurrence.


  • When we eat anything out gut brain sends signals to put bowels to get them moving to make way for the food we're eating. It's impossible for food to go straight through us in a few minutes and pass out as poop. Some people have a short food transit time but this is still after a few hours not minutes. To check your transit time eat a food marker (sweetcorn or beetroot) and write down the time you eat it and the time you pass it and this will give you a rough idea as to how long it takes. We're all different and i can have a faster transit time if i eat some foods but it can also be slower depending on how my gut is that day.

  • Regarding food transit remember the human body is an amazing thing and almost anything is possible

    Read up,on the amazing digestive,system of pro cyclists and how,their bodies adapt,to the life,they lead


  • Hi nvp100,

    Note your comment about pro cyclists-can you advise more as regards what and where to obtain reading material as still interested in this subject.


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