Bowel transit time

Was wondering how long in the normal transit time (from food going in your mouth to coming out the other end)

I had a shape marker study done (had to swallow 2 capsules a day for 3 days which had different shapes in for each day. On day 5 I had an X-ray to see where they had got to) I had to stop all laxatives for 3 days before taking the capsules. When I had my X-ray all the shapes were still at the beginning of my transverse colon so they said my transit time was at lest 8 days. This test diagnosed me with slow transit constipation (the nerves and muscles in my bowel don't work properly) I had surgery to remove my sigmoid colon last year and my transit time is now 2 days. You can test this yourself by eating sweet corn as it comes out whole. Just intrested to know other people's transit time.

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  • Hi mine is only 16 hours with the corn test and I go 2-4 times a day and i dont have the constipation factor.

    Mine is mainly IBD tho and its normal for me to go 3-4 times a day.

    when i have a flair up its mainly watery stools and very pad colon pain etc etc.

    i take all the usual meds.

    Blessings S x

  • I go about 5 times a day now since my surgery and it can go from being a small firm stall to very runny and explosive. When I have been a lot I then get bowel cramp that night 😩

  • Sweetcorn took 3 days last week.

  • I think there may be no such thing as "normal". Just "average". Sweetcorn is quite good as its easily visible and if you have it once a week or so there's no ambiguity. I've note 19 hours this way.

    I've read that "average" is about 50 odd hours and cyclists 40 odd. The article didn't say anything about other forms of exercise, but we know some form of regular exercise is one factor among many. The article I read but cannot quote was in a cycling magazine a few years ago.

  • I cycle to work every day and also do yoga and tap dancing. Was doing all this before surgery too it still took at least 8 days to go 😩

  • Good for you. As I said there's no normal and whats normal for you may not be for someone else. If only there was an answer :)

  • In the past it's taken 6 weeks but I'm doing a little better I'm on 14 days.

    I'm so fed up with GP''s. I've moved to my Mum's because I'm to ill to live alone. I was waiting to see 4 different consultants in my last place. I've been with my new doctors for 2 months. They've got all my appointment letters and have taken a blood test and my white blood cell count is down to 0.1 when it was 0.4 my previous GP went into panic mode. It means I catch every bug I come into contact with. My IBS C, if that's what it is, never had a proper diagnosis, is soo painful. I'm losing weight at around 4lbs a month. I'm 8 1/2 stone and 5'10" tall. Not a good look.

    I'm sorry for whinging, I've only ever written on here once before but I do like reading others posts to remind myself I'm not alone. So thank you, every single one of you that have posted a comment or reply on here.

  • Bless you. It sounds like you need some medical help as soon as possible. Do you take any laxatives? Have you had your thyroid tested as this was a big factor in my constipation. If I can help in any other way feel free to ask. You need to push for treatment to make you better x

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