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So I was woken up at 4:00 this morning not for the first time with a horrible bloated feeling and nausea in fact the bloating is so bad my stomach actually hurts from stretching I think, had it all day felt sick all day and bloated feels like indigestion but no heartburn can ibs really be this miserable

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Unfortunately, yes it can. Have you tried the following? Reduce your intake of alcohol, stop drinking all fizzy drinks, don't eat peanuts, sweetcorn, Brussel sprouts or baked beans, and ask your GP or GI team to refer you to a dietician to sort out a fodmap diet that works for you.

LEENOL48 in reply to FRreedman

When you say peanuts does that include peanut butter

FRreedman in reply to LEENOL48

Yes, unfortunately. Personally, I wouldn't even risk the smooth peanut butter

Yes this is what I call an 'episode' when I've eaten a trigger - unknowingly - or drunk too much alcohol. I paid to see a dietitian for the FODMAP diet and we identified my trigger foods but sometimes when eating out or at friend's houses something catches me out no matter how careful I am. In fact when I eat out now I tend not to drink alcohol at all to lessen any effects. My anxiety can trigger an episode too so I have to try to control that too. See your GP for a referral or look at private dieticians in your area, it was worth the money for me.

I can fully sympathise with you as I have been awake all night with exactly the same thing. I tried peppermint tea at about 3 and that helped a bit. I specifically ate bland food yesterday as I have to pick up my granddaughter today and couldn’t afford to be ill. I know how frustrating and depressing it is. It’s ruling my life at the moment . I have a doctors appointment next week to see what they suggest. I have kept a food and symptoms diary for the past 2 months but nothing jumps out. Perhaps you could do the same. I really hope you feel a bit better today.

LEENOL48 in reply to tiredmum

Hi I tried the food diet as well went to the dietician and they also couldn’t find anything that jumped out my diet is pretty poor at the moment because of the bloating and nausea it’s a viscous circle unfortunately

Nausea and bloating go hand in hand with IBS. Have you tried Alflorex probiotic which has been studied for IBS and is available for a free 2 month trial on signing up to Some of the reviews say it helps with bloating. You can also pose questions to specialists in the field of IBS by being a member of Have you also tried enteric coated peppermint? When in the midst of it have you tried Rennie Deflatine or any product that contains simeticone? Nausea is normally down to gas trapped in the system.


If you need help and support with your IBS we are here

Shamrox in reply to IBSNetwork

I am so glad to have found this IBS network. I have had aughful problems for 25 years! Already I can see that so many people have the same problems as I do. Thank you! Michelle ( shamrox)

I was the same last night. Woke up early with wind in my intestines. I had peppermint tea and it does ease it but feel awful next day. I dont know what triggers mine I am going to see a nutrionist next Monday. I have this on and off for a month been triggered in the first place by a bad anxiety attack.

Regretably it can, I get bouts of bloating, where I have been congratulated as I look pregnant when I'm clearly not. I have been prescribed an SSRI Paroxitine which helps relax my anxiety with IBSd.

I have heartburn, stomach pain and nausea without bloating, so I don’t know if I have IBS. How can I be sure?

LEENOL48 in reply to MariaSt

Do you have unpredictable bowel habits as well

MariaSt in reply to LEENOL48

Yes, I have both constipation and diarrhea.

I’m no expert but it’s pointing towards ibs

What time do you eat dinner? Have you tried eating early dinner. Ideally I would recommend eat before 7:00pm.

LEENOL48 in reply to Laxmik

Hi thanks for your reply I almost always eat before 7:00 but yesterday it hit me about 4:00 pm then I struggle to eat dinner think I’m managing about 1200 calories a day at the moment and I’m a man in his 40’s

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