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sudden diarrhea and stomach cramps


i've been prone to diarrhea over the years. now on my second day where i can't leave the house - sometimes severe lower abdominal cramps. right after i eat anything i have to run to the bathroom. i've got a phone appt with dr this afternoon - feeling uncomfortable and a little scared. anyone had this? definitely as i've gotten older (60) i can't overeat and can't eat anything like beans or dried fruit.

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Avoid all fizzy drinks, alcohol, peanuts, sweetcorn, Brussel sprouts, baked beans, and chew each mouthful of food 15 times. Eat little and often. Beware foods that were safe can become antagonistic, and foods that upset you can become friendly again. Take care

Hi, if you're having issues with beans and dried fruit, it sounds like GOS and Fructan fodmap intolerance. Maybe you can ask GP for a fodmap dietition? Even monash phone app helps :)

Keep a food/symptoms diary too.

Wishing you well x


Have you tried keeping a wellness diary?

Hi, I was just wondering how you are feeling now? What did your doctor have to say? Do you think it could have been a bug? Maureen.

hi, i am sorry i didn't passed in two days. Idk what it was. hope that you are doing well

I have the same symptoms as you and have BAM (Bile Acid Malabsoprtion). It got so bad earlier this year even a few sips of water set it off in the morning! I have been taking a prescription binder since last March (Questran)and it has literally changed my life for the better. You might want to check into it.

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