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Diarrhea for 7 days, so tired!

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Hi all

I was diagnosed with IBS, last year after a G.I (upper) tract infection. It's not been too bad, until a week ago on sunday. I've had the runs between 4-9 times a day, can't keep any food in as within 30 mins of eating, i poop.

I'm drinking alot but have no appetite. I'm just so tired and drained. Going to see my gp on tuesday, been told not to take imodium etc i'm dreading work tomorrow!

It usually hits around 1pm, even when i don't eat but today it started at 6am and has been on and off.I've also lost 10lbs this week.

Any other people with IBS, experience times of this length?

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It may be an infection rather than ibs.

That's what i'm thinking. Hoping my gp will be on the ball x

Hi Inkedblueeyes82,

I have IBS to but it only affects me for 1 day.Maybe it would affect me longer but when it flares up I stop eating for a few days. I know how you feel about going to work,it's a night mare. Hope you feel better soon.

Sounds like an infection and the GPS may give you antibiotics. I had something similar after a trip to New York. Have you tied silicolgel? It is my life saver for diarrhoea when it's connected to IBS or food poisoning type problems with food.

Hiya I've had diarrhoea for over 12wks now it was every time I ate, but now it's mainly through the night and first thing in the morning I get a terrible pain in my stomach and an energancy to rush to the loo, been to the doctors twice had my bloods and a stool sample done the bloods came back ok so did the stool sample, when I went back to see him he told me it isn't caeliac and they would have to get me to do another stool sample as they only checked it only for infection....sooo now I'm just waiting for the results of my 2nd sample😳..I've tried illiminating different foods but no change... my parents are starting to worry as quite a few of my moms side have had bowel cancer... .I'm just so fed up with myself I really know how you feel Hun.. hope you get sorted out real soon☺️ X

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