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Fybogel not Effective Anymore

I've been using fybogel for the past 18 months and it had done wonders for my IBS-C. But since 2 weeks ago I've had irregular bowel movements. Sometimes, go every 2 days, sometimes 3 days (I usually go every 3 days ). Also, the stools do not have the bulk as they did before. Although not watery diarrhea like, stools have become softer. Although the time when I go has stayed the same, I do get a sudden urgency and sometimes bowel movements are incomplete.

I've just started taking Mebeverine 3 times a day before meals. Also, still taking the fybogel drink before bedtime. Was wondering if I should continue with the fybogel or change to something else like mucilin. Maybe, try something completely different like Milk of magnesia.

Just seen that fybogel has a new product that has Mebeverine in it. If the fybogel + Mebeverine tablets (taken separately) works, I may just switch to fybogel Mebeverine sachets.

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If you are going every three days..that seems nothing to be too concerned about..but there are a few days where you have stool not coming out, and the feeling of incomplete bowel movements are Definately a sign of constipation. Instead of a fiber supplement you may need a more stimulant remedy..such as Milk of Magnesia. You can may be try Benefiber..but mostly they just aid in avoiding constipation and most don't work after some time. You may need something along with a fiber supplement to firm up the stool a bit but also stimulate the colon to help completely evacuate the stool. There is Miralax..also known as Laxido, or Movicol. Senna tablets, or tea is an extremely effective laxative. There is also the bottles of Magnesium Citrate. But may be start with something like Miralax or Milk of Magnesia before trying a stimulant laxative. There are also medications such as "Linzess" "Amitiza" Relistor or Trulance. Are you under the care of a gastroenterologist?

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Thanks. Some useful options here. 4 days after my post (on 09 March - I keep bowel movement diary) bowel movement type returned to normal. Very much type 4 on the bristol stool scale. I had continued with the fybogel throughout. But discontinued Mebeverine tables as it didn't do anything.

My bowel movements did go from 3 days to 2 days through, then back to 3 days. e.g.

7 March = mushy consistency (type 6),

9 March = Normal (type 4),

11 March = Normal (type 3),

14 March = Normal (type 4),

17 March = Normal (type 4)......

Yes, I did see two gastroenterologists nearly two years ago. First one prescribed a colonoscopy. I called him and asked so many questions. First he was okay answering then, then he became angry. So I changed gastroenterologists and asked new gastroentrologist to perform procedure. He did an excellent job. Because colonoscopy didn't reveal anything, he was the one who suggested fybogel. I reckon, if I approached him to begin with, there wouldn't have been a colonscopy. The first gastroentrologist may have thought I had a polyp, when all I had was IBS. You gotto laugh!.

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