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Hello, these past 14days I’ve suffered from severe pains in my lower abdomen and sometimes directly in the right hand side. I’m worried as the doctors think it could be ovarian cyst but aren’t sore. I’m awaiting colonoscopy, ultrasound and internal ultrasound but my anxiety is driving me crazy. Has anyone else suffered with both issues? I am trying to see if anyone has had the same symptoms and could shed some light on which it may be? Along with the lower pain I was vomiting, painful watery diarrhoea and no appetite. I’ve lost a stone in two weeks and am scared if ovaries it will happen again this month.

3 Replies
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I sometimes have pain lower, i had an ultra sound and my overies were fine she did say there was lots of gas there so i have made the assumption its gas cause it

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Hi i have both but the ovarian cyst was far more painful. I have endometriosis which if it affects your bowels can cause bowel syptoms. I did not experience any changes in bowel or feeling sick from my ovarian cyst - it only caused lower right hand side pain. I had it removed surgically - the cyst not the ovary - about 6 months ago and have had no pain since. Dont worry if it is a cyst as firstly these can get better and disappear by themselves or even if you need an op it is a really simple day procedure. Only an internal ultrasound will identify this. This is completely painless - much easier than a smear.

Hello Kk1987, I suffer from IBS and I have seen some patterns that cannot be ignored. I also have a theory that most people will find crazy. But it does explain the onset of IBS and why it becomes chronic. I also have a proposed solution that doesn't involve chronic use of medication. Some will laugh but that's ok.

I believe that IBS, both C, D, and A are related but work differently. IBS starts with a vitamin and mineral deficiency, not a specific vitamin but a generalized malnutrition. This damages the nerves and lining of the gut. The nerve damage is called neuropathy.

In IBS-C (constipation predominant), some intestinal nerves are not working at all, while the ones that work are trying to carry on the peristalsis job, causing spasms and an inability to "evacuate", as peristalsis only works in a proper wavelike pattern. In this version of IBS, the intestinal lining is not severely damaged, perhaps not at all, just the gut nerves. This version responds to laxatives to some extent. If the nerves are severely malfunctioning, even laxatives don't help. Bulk forming laxatives inhibit nutrient absorption, in particular psyllium husk. In the long term, laxatives will make malnutrition even worse. Probiotics can help by breaking down the stool material further, making it easier to pass. Now lets move onto IBS-D.

In IBS-D (diarrhea predominant), both the nerves and the gut lining is injured, weakened, or damaged. And the damage is MUCH MORE severe than in IBS-C. As a result, you will see normal stool followed by watery diarrhea, or just diarrhea. The reason why you might see normal stool followed by watery stool is simple: the normal stool puts pressure on the intestinal wall, irritating it, and causing diarrhea. So you feel cramps from the malfunctioning nerves, and diarrhea from the irritated gut that cannot absorb water. Now let's move onto IBS-A.

IBS-A (alternating between Diarrhea and Constipation). This might perplex you. How can someone have both diarrhea and constipation? The answer is simple and its actually a variation of IBS-D. This form of IBS is actually a midpoint between IBS-D and IBS-C. The intestinal lining is not severely damaged but the nerves that control peristalsis are, so they create a sluggish movement. During this sluggish movement, you will experience constipation, but the pressure caused by the dry stool not moving fast enough will injure the weakened gut lining. Once the gut lining is injured enough, it stops absorbing water and therefor creates diarrhea. The diarrhea allows fecal material to pass thru fast and without creating any pressure, thus allowing the gut lining to start recovering. But just as this recovery is barely beginning, solid stool starts to form again, creating pressure again and injuring once again the intestinal wall. Once the intestinal lining is injured again, water is not absorbed, and diarrhea comes back. This cycle continues indefinitely, making the disease chronic.

So why do some people benefit from laxatives and probiotics?

Laxatives help with constipation, there's not much mystery there and I won't elaborate. But probiotics help in 2 ways: 1) they fully digest the food so its not so solid, helping with constipation, and 2) probiotics compete for space with the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria injure the intestinal lining, therefor causing diarrhea. By keeping the bad bacteria under control, diarrhea is diminished.

Why is this disease chronic? Why won't the intestines and nerves ever heal?

The answer is simple. Like I said, IBS starts out with some sort of malnutrition. This malnutrition causes injury to both the intestinal nerves and gut lining. To heal these nerves and lining, the vitamin and mineral deficiency must be corrected. But it's not possible to correct this malnutrition for the following reason:

In all 3 forms of IBS, you will either experience CONSTIPATION or DIARRHEA, or both alternating. Both are bad for nutrient absorption but in different manners. Diarrhea is obvious: The food is just passing thru the intestines very quickly. Nutrients don't get a chance to be absorb and go right out into the toilet. Constipation is different: the food dries out excessively from the sluggish intestinal peristalsis, forming a dried out bulk that will not release any nutrients for absorption.

So why can't we just take a vitamin/mineral supplement to fix this?

Well, we can, and it will help a little with IBS-C, maybe IBS-A and not at all IBS-D. Since in all 3 versions of IBS absorption is compromised, oral supplementation is a poor solution. But IBS-C is the better of the bunch since some absorption might take place before the stool dries out excessively. Yet in IBS-A and IBS-D, there is too much gut lining injury for significant absorption to take place. Furthermore, in IBS-D absorption of nutrients is so minimal that vitamin/mineral supplements just get washed away by the chronic diarrhea.

So if supplementing won't work, what can be done to restore nutrition?

I have a solution but there is a big problem. Nutrients must be delivered to the blood supply directly, bypassing the injured and malfunctioning intestines. This can be achieved in 3 ways. 1) IV infusion, 2) Injections, and 3) Sublingual supplements. This is the solution. The big problem is this: I have researched extensively to find injections or sublingual tablets that can supply all 29 vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, there are no injections or IVs to my knowledge that supply all 29 nutrients. There are B-complex injections. But that leaves vitamin A, C, D, K, and all 16 minerals out. That's a total of 20 nutrients left out. Being deficient in 20 nutrients is still a problems. There are individual injections of vitamin A, C, D, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese and chromium. That still leaves 7 minerals out. Being deficient in 7 minerals is still bad. Most of these injections are available in the U.K. only. So you will need to move to London just for a few minerals. Many of us have heard of TPN, or Total Parenteral Nutrition. No doctor will ever prescribe TPN for IBS. I found one company that makes sublingual vitamins as it's main business. It's called Frunutta. Their web address is Frunutta.com. They make supplements that are sublingual and absorbed via the blood vessels in the mouth. So you don't need to swallow. But their selection is very limited and does not cover all 29 essential nutrients.

If anybody has any information of complete supplementation of all 29 nutrients via injection or sublingual tablets, please let us know. If you have IBS, regardless of which kind, you will have some sort of malnutrition that is not correctable orally, and this in turn will not allow your intestinal wall and nerves to heal. Its a vicious cycle that never ends and gets worse.

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