Ever had an ultrasound as a result of IBS??

Hi folks,

the past few months Ive been suffering terrible abdominal pains on my left side which go from the lower end up to below my ribs. I also have funny toilet episodes and was diagnosed with IBS years ago. What worries me now is I went to the drs last week who has now suggested i go for an ultrasound....i am terrified of this as i dont do hospitals well!

Has anyone been for an ultrasound to determine IBS? Im worried they might be looking for something else there.

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  • Hey, I had an ultrasound around 11 months ago for IBS when i was first being tested for things - (they ended up discovering a cyst and forgetting to deal with the ibs😂) but it's really nothing to be worried about, it takes about half an hour and the jelly tickles a bit but that's it, hopefully it goes well xx

  • Hi there, Im the type of person that cuts themself and thinks they are bleeding to death haha, im just worried because family members have been for scans in the past and its turned out to be something more sinister :( how long did you have to wait for your results??

  • It was about a week as far as i can remember - hopefully you won't have anything too bad, are the things your family members had likely to be genetic? yes i understand i hate hospitals too don't worry! xx

  • My family hasn't really had any illnessss except my dad who had throat cancer and passed away, don't think anybody has had any toilet stomach troubles x

  • I'm sorry to hear that about your dad 😔 but it makes it less likely that the ultrasound will reveal something terribly fatal i suppose?x

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