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H pylori and after advice of foods to eat/not eat!!

Hello all!

After 2plus years of me battling with docs and being told it's just IBS, I went down the private route and spent a fortune on a private stool test / seeing a nutritional therapist! I have now been confirmed by the docs (after doing a separate breath test ) that I have h pylori! Do I know take the antibiotics they are recommending or do I try and heal it naturally with my diet?? Any help or advice on previous experiences will be much appreciated ? Foods to avoid!? Etc etc?

Many thanks. Xx

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I didnt have h pylori but i had sibo /candida kind of the same thing ... bacteria in ur gut that killing good gut bacteria.

They wanted to give me the three antibiotics and i declined as it was what gave me it in first place ( antibiotics for flu and chest infection)

I always had abit of a ibs problem but this was awful i have never been so ill. I lost 2 stone in about 6-8 weeks.

I eventually PAID to see a gastro and a naturopath as i was not taking drugs again.

So i was told ....

No processed foods

No sugar

No yeast

No gluten

For 4-6 weeks( so it not forever just to starve of the bad bacteria)

Then feed the good gut bacteria...

Strong probiotics

Peppermint caps

Digestive enzymes

Spinach and green and veg.( no fruit as it is fructose)

White meats no red.

Matula tea

Manuka honey

Green tea.

I started this and it was hard then i just got into it as within 2 weeks i felt so much better... i put on half a stone, kept my food in💩if u know what i mean😂.

My hair nail and skin changed.

Within 8 weeks i went back for test and i was clear! U have to be very careful not to just start goin back as it can re grow if u feed it to quick so i have stayed on diet as i had ibs for 40 years and VOILA that has gone to so it a win win for me...

Not only did i cure myself

Of candida i also found my cure for my ibs!!


Wow thank you for your super quick reply! That's brilliant! Yes I have candida too! Well high levels of it in my stool! I have cut sugar out from my tea/coffee! I don't know if I could cut it out completely! Especially this time of year !? Haha!! I'm really unsure with what to do about the antibiotics! I don't have them very often and part of the stool test I did shows which antibiotics I am resilient too so I have asked the docs to prescribe the right ones? Waiting to hear back from them on that one! What have been your symptoms of bacterial infection? Xx


I was really ill, i literally could not keep food in ... i would 💩 about 20 times a day ... hence why i lost so much weight...

I couldnt stomach yeasty foods ie breads and stuff as my body just rejected it coz there so much bacteria in yeast it kind of feeds it...

I couldnt stomach stomach food FULLSTOP!

The pain aswell was horrendous !! Like my colon and stomach was being ripped out ...

well it depends really some gps say antibiotics most gastro specialists that are up to date say no way as it can make it worse.

If u google candia and using antibiotics or sibo and antibiotics ur hear loads of stories about it unfort most not great thats why i didnt go down that line and my gastro is a pretty up to date and into the candida sibo thing( believe it or not alot of the old school gastros do not believe it exists)

U must start taking some strong probiotics before anything else as it will help u fight it before u decide only thing is if u start the antibiotics it kills the probiotic bacteria

The h pylori antibiotics are quite harsh aswell from what i gather even looking on here they call it the triple and it is alot to take ... ur body shouldnt really take that much


Ohhh I don't think mines that severe! Bless you, sounds horrific! I never feel empty and can constantly poo! Average 4-5times a day but saying that I try and hold some in as it's just crazy and I take a lot of loperamide to help slow me down! I always know when I've not taken it for a day or 2.!! I already take Saachromydes boulardi, or however it's spelt 😂 I've read a lot about mastic gum? Liquorice root ? Green tea Manuka honey and cabbage juice! Eek!! I'm going to up my intake of ginger and turmeric in a warm drink and see if that helps! Oh also Apple cyder vinegar? I guess I try the antibiotics, as they say everyone is different and I can only

Hope!!!?? Xx


The apple cider vineger be very careful it ruined me as coz my stomach was so raw when i tried that it was like putting vinegar on a cut ...

It was so bad.

But yeh all the others are good for it and u...

Yeh just make sure if u take the anti biotics that u take ur probiotics all way through... 2 hours after the antiobiotcs so ur always putting back the good gut bacteria. Also dont eat hot food before or after them as it kills the probiotics before it get to gut.

Full of useless information ha ha all what the gastro told me so at least i can help other people

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Thank you, you've been super helpful, I totally appreciate your time and all your advice 😘👍xx


No probs ...

It helps if someone has the same problem... i wished someone had helped me at start without having to waste about 500 on a gastro and naturo


YeH! I'm in the U.K. And docs here just said it's IBS it's only since I went private with a nutritional therapist (spent about £500 plus) that I've found this out! Been back to the NHS did a test for £8! Which has confirmed it! So now it's more money to pay for my prescription!! Hey ho I'm happy to finally have some answers and knowing it's not all in my head!! Xx


Yeh thats how i felt...

I had always had ibs but i just went down hill so quick and so badly noone knew why. I ended up in hosp for 4 days coz i lost so much weight in so little time... went from 10 st to 8 st in about 8 weeks.

Obv first thought is cancer of some sort but that was all cleared so then it was just “ oh u got ibs” well yeh i know that!!!! But that not what this was and seeing as ive had my body 44 years i know difference.

I was just withering away , i dont think i moved of my sofa for 3 weeks aless it was to make a get away to toilet!

When i found out why i had never even heard of it? I had a great naturo and gastro that just told me everything i needed to do and from the min i left the room i changed... straight to supermarket changed my whole way of life.

Never looked back.

So if u need any advice or any help dont hesitate to contact me

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Wow you really have been through it! I'm so sorry to hear! I'm glad you've managed to find a way that works and you're better now! I've totally failed already tonight, I'm addicted to bread !! And just scoffed a load of rich tea biscuits with my cuppa!!!! I comfort eat when I'm stressed and I know this doesn't help! It's just so hard 😰😰xx


Yes it is very hard i went through week off sugar withdrawal the headaches oh my god!!! I was a sugar fiend.

It was so hard but i was determined go try to sort it out but in the process it kind of helped me out with other things as a follow on... so i had to give up sugar and processed food which i lived on and it no good so i eliminated that and have never eaten it again since.

I gave up gluten which i think was my ibs problem so that got rid of that!

I had to stop bread coz the yeast feeds it and i was a bread menace i had it every day either a sandwich or toast, which helped my ibs and bloating.

All in all that also helped my psoarsis as it was effecting skin.

It also helped me ibs.

I also suffer terribly with periods and its more or less halved the pain and pmt of that to.

So as u can see its a no brainer for me ...

2 years down line i dont even think about any of it...

even my husband eats my diet now and he says he never felt better.

So i will say it hard but comfort eating and just eating bad is just a mind set ( and im not some health nut , i was a terrible eater) but I can see now where all my problems were


It's trying to find other foods that do the trick I suppose ? What do you eat for comfort if You don't eat gluten or sugar? I'm in ore of how you accomplished this, amazing to hear 👍Xx


I eat dark organic chocolate.. or a gluten free dessert but thats a treat and truth b told i now find it all to sweet...

It weird ur tastes totally change...

I cant even stand the smell of bread anymore which i used to love.

I live on white meats , veg, fruit, g f crispbreads,peanut butter, hummous, crisps( plain) , i treat meself sometime to a bowl of cocopops( very rarely as there no gluten in rice puff ie coco pops or rice krispies).

Egg and bacon just no toast.

There so much gluten free foods out there even quiches or fishcakes of pies, sausages.... it so easy now.

I just dont pig put anymore.

I have put on 8lbs in two years so not much ( now 8st8lb) but it coz im so healthy now.

My cholesterol and blood pressure are briliant.

My diabetes level is non existant.

U know as a 44 soon to b 45 year old i just think it time to take stock and get healthier.

I had my 40 year old health check about year ago and it came back i had a body of a 32 year old.....

Im not boasting( even though i obv sound like i am)

I just want to help anyone that has trouble ibs wise. Diabetes wise, or just healthy eating wise....

Coz it not easy... im not lying if i had not been scared into it( the 4 days in hosp) i would still b scoffing my face! Truth of it is “ i loved my food but my food did not love me” it was making me sick

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Thank you so much for your advice, I am trying my first day gluten free, fingers crossed for me I can keep it up! Xx


Hey, me again!.! Just wondering if you could recommend a good probiotic please ?? Many thanks Jo, xx


Hey how are u?

Any progress? Feelin any better?

Yeh i tend to go between, natures best 10 bill probiotic, bioglan gut flora or cytoplans acidiphilus.

There alot of good ones out there but i always make sure no gluten or dairy in them.

As alot do have some.

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Hey! No progress I'm afraid but then I'm totally useless at restricting food! I do try but then tend to get Ill and then fail! I do plan to keep trying as I am having daily flare ups that are totally ruining my mornings!!!! Thanks for the ideas, I was going to try bioglan! I've had cytoplasm but saccrahmoyde Boulardi?? As advised by nutritional therapist! Hope you are well?? Xx


Yes i would suggest the sacc bou as that has been proved to kill of bad bacteria more then the general acidiphilus variety probiotics.

So yeh make sure whatever u get has that in them to aswell as all the baff and lac ones( sorry cant spell or remember the usual ones.

I think bioglan gut flora ones have them all in there.

Yeh it is hard but what u got to think is “ it just 6weeks it not for life” u know it not like u got diabetes or chronns it just 6 weeks to get ur gut back to normal?

I loved my food mostly unhealthy but i totally changed my life to point i never went back to eating unhealthy as i have my ibs totally under contol which has taken me 44 years to do but now i have one flare up a year if that


Thank you! I know I need to just do it! Not making excuses but my boy has a medical issue and when he gets poorly like high temp or something it can trigger him to have horrific seizures so we're constantly on guard and when he gets Ill I just loose all brain cells I think! And can't seem to function and then turn to like bread etc!! I'll keep trying and see how I go! I have noticed some triggers but they are my fav food and obvs turn too options when I get down/stressed/ over tired! It's a viscous circle I know it it! I've been on saachromydes Boulardi for about 3 plus months now coming to the end of my batch I bought and so going to try something else! Thanks so much for your support, means a lot 😀xx


Yeh i know what it like... even today when i came home from work there was a free from hot cross bun sitting there( my husbands he choose to eat gluten free but not yeast free, which i also do) but i sat there and thought “ sod it” but now my stomachs making some very bad sounds! Im hoping it dont result in pain.

Luckily he has decided to do it with me to a certain extent in that he saw benefit of gluten and dairy free so he had given that up but he cant give his bread up... which is understandable.

See of all foods it was bread that was my biggest trigger , i could eat one slice but if i had two or a whole sandwich i would b bloated and feel sick and it would make me constipated.

It case of making sure when u shop u only have good things in trolley then there is nothing in house to snack on.

It harder when u have children i know as my friend was so impressed by my diet she has taken it on last 3 months and she is good but she says coz she has stuff in house for kids she will nick theres 😂 but her eldest is joining her( she a 14 year old girl so appearance is everything) and she has also chosen to go totally vegan... i cant do vegan i dont have many choices as it is so my white meat is a must. I dont eat red though again another really bad trigger for me

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Nothing makes me constipated, I'm totally opposite to you! I'm sure having children has weakened my bum muscles or something!! Haha!! I will try again for 6weeks! Hoping when spring arrives and the lighter nights I'll be less tempted to want stodgy food! XX


Ha ha my bum so tight it holds on to my food for days 😂😂


You are not alone! The same diet change applies to many other conditions including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autoimmune, cancer, inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, the list goes on.

6 Keto Books at Costco! Plus 2 Paleo books. More information all over the internet, podcasts and YouTube’s. Also see intermittent & periodic fasting.

What to eat when you don’t eat sugar, grains, gluten, yeast, industrial oils or processed foods.

Add probiotics! Vegetables. Grass fed beef, organic everything, wild fish. Healthy oils, avocado, olive, MCT, coconut, lard, tallow, butter.

You may need to go off dairy protein for a while. Dairy fat, butter is good. You may overeat for awhile until the carb addiction goes away. Hunger will diminish, brain fog will subside.

Ask your family for support in getting the temptations out of the house! You’ll also be doing what is best for them and they will learn from your example.

Other good books on Amazon, dr. Perlmutter, Volek & Phinney, Dr. Wahls, Dr. Jason Fung, Bulletproof.

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Hi Flik like Lulububs I had a long journey over 55 years with this problem. I had a gluten test on the NHS - it came back normal. My blood sugars were out of control with the drugs given for type 2. I was threatened with insulin. I had a melanoma which took four years to get a referral for diagnosis and was eventually helped in desperation by local chemist who happened to start a mole scanning service.

This referred me back to the GP who looked on the internet and told me categorically there was nothing to worry about these irregular shapes and dark

shapes were all warts! Eventually I went for a NHS mole scan - hospital rang back with a couple of days and said I had to have a biopsy. All the stress piled tension on the IBS - did not know whether I was coming or going ha! The final help was a multi food intolerance test or allergies found in another local Alphega pharmacy chain. Like Lulububs I had to fill my supermarket basket with a strange diet - it was surreal all those cornflakes and cereals, biscuits cakes, bananas everything I ate from crumpets to French bread and cheese, eggs milk and cheese all out the window. The test has helped and if I have a relapse I know I've eaten hidden wheat

or other substances in foods such as rye barley and malt from barley sugar, corn flour made from maize corn malt vinegar - mayonnaise ….so if there is any doubt about food allergies and intolerances the test is well worth having. My blood sugar is now normal - and my blood pressure is down to 120 over 80! The diabetic nurse asked me how I did it. I was so smug!


Ha ha ha is it shameful we feel

Smug 😂😂😂.

I cant help but think what a world of good ive done to this old body of mine...

I wished i had known all this 40 years ago but in them day there was no such things as intolerances i used to get a clip round ear and told to go to school!! I used to sat there at school in pain... poor child. It just wouldnt happen now.

I look back and ican see patterns.... when i had real ibs flares and ended up on floor crying ... was always when id over loaded on bread or cake or wheat of some sort or red meat.

Now i feel i have a new life..... yeh it hard but idont think about it now as its my normal life!

Like i said even my husband follows my diet to as he see how healthy i am and he like “ ur leave me soonfor a younger man” 😂😂😂. He looks good to... lost 5 years of his face and a good stone of body.

It a win win for me... I HAVE NO BELLYACHE!!!


Terrific we have won thru but it's a shame the young generation are still eating foods they don't know can upset their gut. Pepsi is listed as one of the worst can drinks as with frequent use as with all carbonated fizzy drinks the stomach and intestine can be damaged. The ads don't tell the real story - they are just selling brands!


Yeh it shameful what young kids are putting in there body i was out yesterday walking to work and i saw a kid of about 15 at 8 in morning drinking REDBULL!!!!

That equivalent of god know how many coffees plus the sugar!!!

Thing is if mum and dad arent showing them any diff what do they know... if there sitting there not eating veg (i have friends that dont eat any veg ... in there 40s) so now there kids wont ... and ucant make them as there just say “ well u dont”.

They just fill them

With carbs and fast food....

It needs to b retrained ... people need to be told ... if u eat that in 20 years ur have diabetes or ur b overweight... but gps seem to b scared to tell people DIET!!

It sad and scarey:..



I remember my husband coming back from our local shop one morning total shocked. A mother with a couple of young kids - definitely under 8 - were in buying ‘breakfast’. It was all fizzy drinks, bags of crisps, chocolate bars and bags of sweets.

Considering he is someone who in his younger days saw nothing wrong with a slice of cake at breakfast time he was really shocked. You’re right it is scary.


It's not a rant- fast food if eaten all the time can make some people ill or fat but

may be it's the wheat and cheese added to fast food with bread and batter coatings which do the damage. I enjoy steak mushrooms and chips which I fry in olive oil or sunflower oil - I eat plain chocolate - I may not lose weight but feel better having removed all those foods that were harming me. That's not to say that losing weight is not important if you need to - but I found fluid retention from bloating was due to the allergens. Being a granny it was a choice between having complications from diabetes and popping off too soon because of no help with management

of IBS and diabetes. That natural specialist has turned you life round as have food intolerances tests for me.


Yes!! Oh my god i was always sooo bloated i looked pregnant all time ... like u it was the allergies as soon as i stopped the gluten and dairy my stomach just went?

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There's a post titled Had Enough written by Alphena IBS network- may be you could make a point about food intolerances as she is lost ..she's had no advice for 4 years and has been prescribed a drug which is now being looked at- Miramax -in the USA Moviecol in the UK.


Be very careful with green tea. I’m sure that’s what started this flare up. I overdeposed on it - got me that wasn’t bitter - I felt so ill. I ended up with palpitations, constipation, felt sick, dizzy etc. So beware.


That's interesting - I tried I once as I cut out tea as it contains too many tannins

which is like smoked carbon food. I tried ging seng but that made me feel ill -

some remedies might sound good but can you stomach them? Ha!

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Hi think your programme and self help is fantastic. The only thing is H pylori is not a fungal infection so control of this bacteria may be different. Pylori may lead to cancer of the stomach if left untreated. Have you read Robert Harrison's article and detailed informatioC

Candida Yeast Infection Relief and Treatment? It indicates coconut oil and olive leaf are helpful deterrents to the growth of yeast infections. Extra virgin olive oil is also helpful for

preventing pylori and other viruses and bacteria. As giving antibiotics though necessary in some instances can create candida and make you feel dreadful. Your diet regime sticking to white meat is obviously helpful. I know you had several antibiotics for your infections and you felt ghastly. However when some antibiotics are given toxins are released into the bloodstream, and these are what make you feel awful I had frequent bouts of pneumonia and chest infections first acquired when visiting a relative in hospital. The antibiotics were essential. I sometimes get the problem with only feeling weak and being unable to walk far and having tight breathing. However like you since I have changed my diet removing most dairy and changing to lactase free milk, which encourages inflammation of the sinuses and ears, and by taking a teaspoon of olive oil, for staph coccus aureus infection it has improved my immune system. Other information concerning the olive oil/virgin olive oil

and coconut oil which I put in casseroles, or make dressings with it, is if you have a yeast infection rotate the oils changing them every four days as the body gets used to them if used every day .


Yes, no lactose. Also, no casein protein from cows! The casein protein from goats, & other non-cows is much better. It has to do with the molecular structure of the protein and the way it breaks apart.

It’s not about testing positive on a specific food tolerance test, it’s all the bad foods add up to an overload of bad shit.

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You are right - I have an additional problem of diabetes type 2. The lactose still exists in goats and sheep cheese so I have to watch this. An ounce will turn to 4oz in no time! After years of compensating for not having sugar in my diet cheese was my solace and was putting up my blood sugar as well as those yummy yoghurts !

I still need to lose more weight but plan to do this slowly next year. I never realised about the overload before so thank you so much for your information.


Very impressive and well done.


This is not professional advice but coconut oil can help heal the gut. It contains a substance called monolaurin which can help protect against certain viruses and bacteria. Extra virgin oil is also recommended for h pylori, helping your stomach and warding off staphylococcus aureus infection. If h pylori is treated with antibiotics it may help.

As for your diet another aspect of IBS can be linked to food intolerances. Dairy egg and gluten are known allergens. Think you should stick to your test results, then cut out sugar, yeast, bread, buns, marmite, and any sugar including milk sugar such as lactase. Fruit and vegetables are so important, so if you like them continue with them but be wary of extra fibrous vegetables which might irritate your gut. Some folk find oats in porridge or musesli help, with honey added. Cooked carrots and potatoes and root vegetables might be a bit higher in sugar, but they might be easier to digest. If you know what sets you off such as double cream or cakes and biscuits you know what foods to avoid. Cheers.

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