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Food intolerance testing at home-need to get rid of the pain when I eat

Hi folks,

I am becoming increasingly concerned about my gut health. I have spoken to every consultant that I have about the fact that the only way I can go to the toilet is by taking a huge number of laxatives, but they don't seem to act. They ask if my habits have changed, no they haven't, had problems for 15 years, and if I do perform when taking laxatives, which I do, so they are happy that it isn't a growth

I recently asked my GP if I could have a food intolerance test as I have very bad pains when eating but they refused to administer or indeed suggest any, so over to my learned friends on here.

Is there a company that people have had experience of that do home food intolerance testing, or clinics in the Yorkshire area that I could visit.

I am desperate to be able to lead a normal life and not worry that every time I eat, I end up in pain.

I also suffer from lupus, hypothyroid, adrenal exhaustion, and various other issues all relater to autoimmune disease.

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My iPad is jumping so I think I lost the post I was writing.. I have this problem now causing a reoccurrence of prolapsed bowel..have to see a surgeon tho don't want an op. But I take all the mods etc and as long as I have Very large Apple,or pear in the afternoon that really helps and plenty or carrots..as,I,have had to cut down on many veg like broccoli leeks etc this is very hard as I just love veg.. But it causes really embarrassing wind 😂So I am going to buy a Nutri Ninja and process all the veg in that and see what happens..I will let you know if it helps

Take care..we shall overcome..hopefully between all of us on here😊

Hather x


Thanks for that. I have started to eat soup a lot and no pulses or seeds, or anything that is hard to digest, so lots of eggs and fish.

I can't cope with apples... They really hurt....

Let me know how you get on and good luck x


No I haven't had any food tolerance tests, but I can agree that grapes that I love, irate my skin and I have thought that may be the sprays, also strawberry milk shake does the same, tho strawberries are fine. mY daughter does not think the Ninja might be right for me as I have weak wrists so I'm not sure about that. So when I see consultant I will have some questions to ask..Luckily although I am 80 I can walk well and get out down the town, so I try to be positive



Have you tried the low-FODMAP diet which initially cuts out all fermentable carbs? If, after about 6 weeks of this (and it's not easy), you find you have an improvement in your symptoms, you then reintroduce high-FODs, one group at a time, to establish what your food triggers are.

Go here for all the info, it's where the diet was first developed:


It's been a very successful regime for a lot of people on here and is a lot cheaper than paying privately for food intolerance tests - none of which have a shred of real science behind them. This is why the NHS doesn't do or recommend them apart from fructose and lactose breath tests and the results of these are often unreliable.



If you look on the internet it will tell you that 'professional' intolerance tests are rarely right

I did my own

Leave one food group out of your diet at a time for at least 2/3 weeks and heep a food and bowel movement diary to monitor any changes

I found that it was dairy causing my symptoms and since being on a completely dairy free diet, using substitutes, my diarrhorea symptoms are kept under control but I cannot also eat much fruit

Good luck


Doesn't sound like a real nutritionist to me. Is she registered with the British Dietitic Association or Assocation for Nutrition. If not, she shouldn't be confusing clients by calling herself a Nutritionist.




You didn't clarify regarding qualifications, by way of saying nutritionist you excluded dietitians, and by you didn't mention if they were registered or not. There are a lot of people claiming to be 'nutritionists' with miracle cures, but aren't qualified nor recognised by health professionals. So which is she? a Dietitian or a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition.


Hi Notthatgullible

I have just read your comments about nutritionists and dieticians separate registered qualification.

All I can say is - hurray !! 😬


Hi there I have had major stomach issues with many many tests, mess and doctors all to no avail, but went on garlic and parsley tablets along with a good probiotic for a month, wow what a difference as we can have food fermenting in our stomach and bowel. May be worth a go for you. Wishing you well oh cut out meat fat and raw Vegas for a while as these are hard to digest and it gives everything a rest.


Hi,try taking magnesium citrate tablets ,they help with constipation,they are best taken before bed,I take 400mg and that works for me but you can take more or less.make sure they are citrate.


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