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This episode of IBS episode started after eating a curry,I have resricted my diet and taking Buscopan.I dont know what to do now.

Hi.I am new here.

I have suffered from IBS intermittently for many years but it is bad at the moment.

I am taking Buscopan,it is still painful,better than it was a few days ago but still have pain in the right side.

I think this episode started after eating a curry and a fruit and cream pudding the next day,I am also under a lot of stress.I dont know whether to start eating normally or stay on my retricted diet,no coffee or spice etc.

What should I do next? I dont know whether to eat normally or to stay on a restricted diet,no coffee,brown bread etc.

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Potential issues with what you ate: curry has a lot of ghee in it, which is butter and dairy tends to be number one culprit for iffy bowels.

If I were you I would try cutting out dairy and see if your symptoms improve, if not, try cutting out gluten as well as that is number two culprit for iffy bowels.

Also if you try to define your symptoms a little; are you mainly suffering with constipation (sharp pains around your abdomen, typical down the sides, difficulty in passing stools) or diarrhoea? As this can help with solutions :)


Hi I_joy

I rarely eat curry and the one that I ate was shop bought and expect it was far too acid,so will not eat that again.

The problem was made worse by eating a cream and fruit tart,wont do that again either,especially after the curry upset.

I think it is particularly bad as I am moving and stress level is high.

At the moment the main symptom is pain on right side of abdomen,I think my bowels are slightly better than they were for a few days but not completely right either.I had mucus but that is much better now.I have been taking Buscopan for a couple of days and staying off coffee.


Glad it is better. Stress does have such a strong connection to IBS because of the gut-brain axis linking the two - your gut is your second brain. Though it may seem trivial, this is why so many people have had so much success with stress-management like meditation, mindfulness, yoga or simply deep breathing exercises.

Personally I have had success using visualisation and breathing to get through the actual spasm or 'attack'.

I hope your recovery continues!


Thank you,I agree with you about meditation etc,I am going to try breathing exercises and will do those I did when I practised yoga,I have been trying but the anxiety breaks through!

Better is subjective,it needs to get even better.

I have terrible difficulty sleeping at the best of times and at the moment it is awful which makes everything even worse.


hi I am a christen spiritualist, and i would often sit and go into trance, it does help, but not always, I started to listen to my body it was saying get help, my Dog she even picked something was very wrong. But I would ignore it, as I had a busy lifestyle, but now my dog is no longer with me and the IBS just took over, I would start to cry for everything. Until around a week ago I prayed to spirit, and asked god that Freya my dog could help me to ajust to the ashes of my life, I've noticed since I took up my gardening, and reading again, I might be week, but I'm not crying so much, and most of all I might have my tremors , I'm not getting quite so many fits. Zo yes going into the quiet, relaxing, taking that bit of time out, by going into a bedroom switching tour phone off for say ten mts every day, you will see and will benefit from that small change, In short its called ME TIME,😊


Hi Pandalee, if you're anything like me you could have a food intolerance because, after stress, that is a common cause of IBS-C and IBS-D. See the post about York Test and compare your symptoms with mine. It's estimated that up to 45% of the population have food sensitivites of some kind.

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Hi.UKbusybee.What is the York test and where can I find it?I know that I have food intolerances but should like to find out more.


Hi Pandalee. York Test is the company that is the most well known for testing for food intolerances by looking at IgG immune responses (allergies cause a slightly more dramatic IgE response). Sadly, the NHS don't recognise it as a valid test but I think this is because they don't research it. YorkTest work with York University and have documented a lot of their findings. I did the test with an open mind, was completely surprised by the results (because I had so many reactions) but have been amazed by the results. It is quite expendive but well worrth the investment (it's your health after all)! Have a look at their website and have a browse before you decide. Even if you just do the first step for £15 it may be useful to know:

Good luck 👍🏼 I hope you get some answers.

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Hi.Although the worst is over,I am not completely better and am still being careful about my diet.I will look at the York test.

Thank you for that idea,now I need to get things completely better.



Onion and garlic can really affect my IBS and curries have plenty of these


Is it a good idea to take paracetamol for headaches wihen I have IBS? I have a headache at the moment and not sure whether to take tablets.


Hello I. Used to suffer both like you, until I had a Terrible Trauma, in 06,I got over it, but noticed that my ibs was slowly getting worse. So I was forced to make changes that were not to my liking. But slowly things started to settle down again. But the I had another trauma, and i was told that I had Kidney disease zone 2, sadly for me its now zone3, and when I thought it couldn't get worse I discovered that I have 1PE, and 29 DVT's the Hospital, then noticed I had a slight tremor in my upper body. Along with my hands. I've been told that I must slowly be changed off some of my medication, for ibs. As codeine phosphate can dam your kidneys, I was then rushed into hospital last march & I had a seizure, its now in my care plan that though my kidneys, are leveling out I'm still at zone 3, that means I only have to more zones left open to me dialysis or then a transplant, but then I had the following which is a true illness, but not many Doctors know how to spot it, nor treat it. Its called Dystonic Tremor with Nine epileptic seizure attacks, I have aura's,I smell things, a tremor comes in with either stress, or exercise it can even be a slight movement and suddenly I'm in the middle of an attack, even my IBS has caused it to flare up, & in late November last year I was rush to hospital with EColi, it had not only affected my IBS, but had spiked my kidneys, the pain I now suffer along with severe incontinence from the front is no joy to live with., I now take each day as it comes, they can't ever make me better, but I along with my GP can manage all three, I have to have blood test, along with a water sample once a year. But I must eat green leafy veg. Lots of Blue cheese and lots of fruit stay off red meat, and have oily fish, can not eat acidic fruit, only green Bananas But pears yes its a good job I like pears, but if you notice that you are not feeling to well, please I ask you all don't leave it. I did, look what's happened to me.😐 but I'm coming back, I'm not having seizures so much, and my meds helping with my IBS. So there still some climbing to do up that hill. But I'm determined to get somewhat better than I was.😊


Hi Pandalee,

I would help your body by calming things down i.e. eat really simple things you tolerate well for the next few days and yes, stay away from coffee and spice.

In a couple of weeks time you might want to experiment to find out what has triggered you (and it may not be food, but many people have trouble digesting spicy foods). It maybe the fruit, it maybe the dairy, it may be sugar - or it may also be the accumulation curry + heavy dessert+ stress.

You may find some useful things on my blog, like this one on triggers:


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Hi.It is so easy to cut things out but I am finding it difficult to know what and when to re introduce foods like a lot of fruit etc.


I would let your stomach settle first. The try adding foods back in very slowly. You need to see very clearly what you are reacting to. A low Fodmap diet list indicates which foods are best tolerated by IBS sufferers. Try starting with them.


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