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hello new and in need of advice



My IBS seems to have flared up terribly since middle of Feb this year. I went to my GP last week and she prescribed Apercap (peppermint capsules) as the Mebeverine I had last year made my bloating feel even worse. The peppermint hasnt really helped either.

I feel like i constantly have wind stuck in my rectum and have felt like this for a full week now. Nothing is shifting it and the the peppermint is not helping either. I am now wondering if it is even wind - it passed for about five mins after a BM then comes back. I am stressed and worried it is a tumor. I tried yesterday to see if it was an incomplete bowel movement perhaps causing it so after my normal morning bowl movement and still feeling like something was stuck later on I found that after forcing and squeezing a tiny bit of poo (sorry for TMI) would come out.

I had period style cramps most of friday evening and saturday but these have calmed down now and I am just getting the sensation of low back pain and needing to go the toilet but feeling it is all blocked up and can't go

I have an appointment with a nurse practitioner later on in my practice - does anybody else have these sort of feelings or symptoms?

what medication is there than can help as I feel everything is just making me worse :( I have scared I have bowel cancer or ovarian cancer as I do get a lot of bloating too

I just feel helpless and dont know what to do

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This reply won't be particularly helpful as I don't have a solution for you but you should know that you're not alone. The symptoms you describe have VERY similar to those I have on a daily basis. I'm pretty much constantly bloated, constantly burping and feel like I need to pass gas when it feels as though there is nothing moving at all (FYI, I don't think there is such thing as FMI within the IBS community.

I have been tested for pretty much everything (including undergoing an abdominal US a few years back when I was first diagnosed with IBS to make sure there was nothing more serious going on). The only thing I tested positive for was lactose intolerance. After all that, my GI slapped me with a IBS diagnosis and sent me on my way.

Have you tried the FODMAP diet? I started it a couple weeks ago on the advise of my family doctor and, although I've had varied success so far, it does seem to be helping over all. It's tough to stick to but when it works, it really works!

Hope this helped a little.

sammc1878 in reply to CdnSara

Thanks for your advice. The nurse practitiner was lovely but not a lot of help to be honest . She has said it's my IBS and probably anxiety Making it worse and has sent me for blood tests. Told me to see a GP for results :(?Had a really bad time last night and in a lot of pain with trapped wind :(

TMI not FMI :)

Firstly, how old are you? Can the nurse practitioner do a rectal exam for you to check for lumps and bumps, or do you have to see a doctor? Depending on your age (if you're menopausal or post menopausal) maybe it's nothing to do with your IBS; you could ask to be checked for a prolapse. I say this because you mention you had "period like cramps"? Worth asking! Personally, I never bother with the nurse practitioners - they'll only refer you on to the GP anyway if they're not sure, so I find it a waste of my time for anything other than smear tests!!! Good luck :)

I am 41 and the nurse was reluctant to do anything - other than send me for blood tests and to tell me to keep taking the peppermint capsules - I just went home and cried to be honest and today my IBS is even worse with terrible trapped wind and pain

I have this feeling a lot. I have been told it's rectal spasm - it's worse for me in the evenings and sometimes very uncomfortable in the night too. Have you had a sigmoidoscopy? Funnily enough, lactulose can bring it on or make it worse for me. It's well known that rectal sensitivity is a common IBS symptom. Straining is not going to help long term though! Try and relax and not get too anxious about it, and then it will improve.

sammc1878 in reply to binks

thank you for your advice, I have'nt had a singmoidoscopy or any other investigations other than an ultra sound last year, an MRI and CT scan for other issues I will try and relax :)

thank you I am drinking boiled water quite a lot today and have increased my water intake the past few weeks as well - I will look into the coconut oil


From your description it sounds like your ibs is constipation predominant. Have you tried lepicol. I have found this invaluable. The lepicol website is very helpful and informative and carries many testimonials as to its effectiveness.

sammc1878 in reply to Queeny54

I have heard Lepicol is very good I may try this :)

Get a complete check up from GYN and GI to rule out anything that you might worry about. If they continue to find nothing, ask for Physical Therapy for Abdominal Pain, a new specialty. Take yoga and pilates and don't worry about making rude noises! It's WORRY that makes it worse!

sammc1878 in reply to PatV

I've had scans last year (utrasound , MRI and CT) which showed some liver issues but nothing else . i was pregnant last year late on and had a total of 5 trans vag scans so am hoping this means all seems ok? I lost my baby in December so not seen Or had any scans since then It's hard in the UK to get referred without a reason - my GP's are insistent that its my IBS - do you think it could be something mor serious?

Ibs17 in reply to sammc1878

So sorry you are feeling like this, but it is fairly common. So sorry for your loss it may be part of your stress and anxiety, mine flared after I lost my mum. I have the same feeling of wind and bloating at night and I get terrible twitching and itching, I thought I had a tapeworm to be honest, but recently had a scan and nothing showed up.

Thank you

No. Sorry about your baby. If you can get PT or massage it helps break up adhesions and relieve tension. You can learn to do it yourself if you google MELT.


You should ask your doctor for a colonoscopy as any trace of cancer or anything the specialist doesn't like the look of can be found.

If perhaps you find you are intolerant of lactose be aware that a lot of tablet medication contains lactose.

sammc1878 in reply to Hidden

Do you think it sounds like I have cancer?

Hidden in reply to sammc1878

No - but you said you were scared you have - so a colonoscopy will check for this.

sammc1878 in reply to Hidden

Thanks I will speak

To GP next week

Hi Sammc Ihave had the same symptoms as you and I underst and how stressfull it is . All you think about is having a poo I have just had a colonoscopy which I asked for as I was convinced there was a blockage or prolapse or something . It was all clear and could see on the screen that all was healthy . I have modified my diet and am trying golden linseeds as I have read that they help with bloating etc . I would go back to your doctor and ask for a colonoscopy . I feel better already knowing it's all ok up there . Hope it goes ok .

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