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Passing blood



It's my first time posting here so apologies if there are lots of similar threads! I'm a 29 year old female and since about May I've been passing large amounts of mucus in my stool and on many occasions only mucus. I had two stool samples (for inflammation and infection) and a blood test which came back normal and the doctors don't think I have internal or external piles. In September I began passing blood in loose stools, not every movement but most of them. Sometimes this is seperate in the bowl but most of the time in the bowl, on paper and on stool. I have no pain so I don't think it's a fissure. I am also passing blood tinged mucus. Each time I feel an urgent need to go even if I just pass mucus.

I don't really have much pain or cramping.. Wondering if this rings with any of your experiences? I've been referred for a colonoscopy and endoscopy but whilst I wait I am keen to hear aboit others experiences.

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Hi Jools, welcome to the forum. I have heard that mucus can be an IBS symptom, although things like Candida/yeast infections can also cause this.

I too sometimes pass blood - with me it is piles. However, for my granddad - who would pass a lot of blood even in bed - it turned out to be a side effect of medication. He was on a blood thinner. Has medication being ruled out for you? If it has then the colonoscopy will probably show up the culprit. Hopefully others will have more experience than me to share but it sounds like you are in good hands with the docs. Its frustrating having to wait for the tests though.

Any updates?

Joolsc89 in reply to Kinmi

Hi I had the colonoscopy and gastroscopy a couple of weeks ago. The consultant said he could see inflammation throughout the colon and what looks like colitis in the rectum. They took some biopsies but no follow up with gastroenterologist until March. In the meantime I am cycling between periods of semi normality and other times filling the bowl with blood!

Krn210 in reply to Joolsc89

Any updates? Hope you are feeling better.

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