Inflammation in stool sample

Hi Guys,

I have had persistent abdominal pain over the past year. I have felt tired, abnormal/regular bowels and just a general feeling of being unwell. I have been to the doctor a few times where I have explained my symptoms which include:

1. Abdominal pain (non specific)

2. Wind

3. Constant urge for bowel movement

4. Persistent rectal bleeding (bright red) with most bowel movements which before it was rabbit pellets like and now it's mostly diarrhea with blood - There is also a day when I felt like passing wind but felt a warm trickle down my thighs and my trousers were all soaked with blood - this was just a one off but there was a lot of blood.

The doctor has ordered full blood count, urine and stool sample tests which have all previously come back clear however was told I was low in red blood cells (anemic) and vitamin D which I am currently taking supplements for. I have just been to the doctor again today and have been told that the last stool sample shows some inflammation and I have been referred to the hospital where they will insert a camera down through mouth and also check my large bowel (colonoscopy i think).

I have been having a really difficult time and did not enjoy my Christmas/New Year holidays at all and lately have had one or 2 accidents and this is making it even more difficult at work.

Has anyone had any similar symptoms before and what is likely to cause inflammation?

Many thanks

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  • Hi, if I'm honest I think if people guess what it could possibly be you'll be none the wiser or frightened to death!! It's natural to ask the question of course. I have IBD (Crohn's) but without the tests your having no one can be sure until they have results!! Sorry if that's not too helpful but I hope you get it sorted out soon because I know how it feels to feel unwell and not yourself.

  • Very helpful thank you very much. I am now just awaiting a letter to confirm appointment, hopefully I get a diagnosis and be put on the right treatment plan.

  • Yes and don't worry about the tests!! I have them all!! Including one through my stoma!! They will offer you sedation. I didn't have any except for when they went into my stoma with the camera.if you have it it will relax you and take away some of the anxiety. I had pethadinešŸ˜That was the best bit to be honest!!i said ooh I feel like I've had a drink!!! šŸ˜‚ Joking apart though you'll be ok. The thought is always worse than the procedure.

  • You have definitely put my mind at ease.Thank you! I was told the appointment should be within the next 6 weeks (from last week Monday) and therefore am happy to see each day that passes and even more so now as I potentially have Pethidine to look forward to :)

  • I have had gastritis and duodenitis myself so I know how you are feeling, only time I have blood though is when I am constipated, have had an endoscopy (this is the one where they insert a camera through the mouth) and CT scans, I suppose the next step will be stool samples and a colonoscopy, not looking forward to these. anyway I hope you get the answers you need and start feeling better

  • Many thanks Doggie123 :). Hope all goes well with your next tests.

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