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Rectal pressure and ache

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Anyone else get the constant feeling in their back passage of needing to poop? I can relate this to stress and psychological problems. It almost feels muscular as I have back ache and pelvic floor tension. I am waiting for a stool sample test result too. I have been passing some mucus which I'm very worried about. I'm sure it's just all ibs and stress related

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I have IBS-C and I have felt such pressure in the rectum, a bit like sitting on an orange. It could be constipation. I also get extra mucus when I am constipated. This is just the colon producing more to try to ease things out and can creep around the edges of impacted stool. It is very common in IBS. Good that you are having tests done though - more often than not it's IBS type symptoms that you can speak to your GP/gastro about managing. Good luck.

Are you a male? If so, your symptoms could be related to your prostate.

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Iv had my prostate checked and its fine

I should add that I have had this on and off for ten years or so. It goes away when I'm distracted and asleep. Even after a few beers it goes away. I can always seem to relate it to stressful times in my life. It's like my muscles are tense back there. I can have years without it and then suddenly think I haven't had that issue for a while and it comes back as soon as I think about it. It's worse at the moment because I'm worried about my stool test. I worry about ibd and cancer. But surely if I had that I would be up all night in pain and it wouldn't just go away for many months at a time

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There's no need to worry so much about your stool test. Statistically far more samples are going to come back with a normal/IBS type result than anything else. If you're going through a stressful time are you managing to incorporate aerobic exercise into your routine e.g. running? This will relax your muscles. There's also mindfulness meditation to consider. It could be that stress is switching on the sensitivity of your nerves which is increasing your awareness of this sensation especially considering you're not aware of it when distracted or asleep. Mindfulness meditation is a form of distraction.

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Assache in reply to xjrs

Have you heard of this before?

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Do you mean the feeling of pressure in the rectum? If so, I responded yes in my original response above.

Surely any nasty illness wouldn't come and go like it does. It's as if my internal anal sphincter is clenched like I'm trying to hold in a fart or poop when there is nothing there

I'm also taking peppermint oil capsules and I'm pooping 4 or 5 times a day. It's not diarrhea they are good formed poop. I always have had 2 or 3 bowel movements a day but the peppermint seems to be sending me more often. Another thing I'm worried about

I believe my issue is ibs but also something called chronic proctalgia or Levator ani syndrome. Very tense pelvic floor which makes it hard to poop sometimes. I also have back ache. I think once I get my test results back I will relax more and make peace with it. I was passing mucus and panicked I had ibd or proctitis or cancer

Hi Assache. I feel there's a bit (or maybe .. a lot) of angst and anxiety in your system. I would consider seeing someone for what this is doing to you. A hypnotherapist would be best, they are known to cure of lift IBS to. Good luck!

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Sorry to hear you're struggling. If you need help and support with your IBS we are here

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