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Anyone here diagnosed with BAD/BAM?

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Having this investigated but as the weeks go on I feel less sure that this is the problem. My symptoms can have chunks of time where they go, sometimes days sometimes if I'm lucky weeks. The d isn't always watery sometimes it has more substance and I'm woken every morning at the same time with cramps and wind.

I had the first part of my SeCHAT scan yesterday so I suppose we'll see soon enough. I was hoping that my problems would be BAD because it has a definite treatment and is not as vague as ibs. I suppose I'll have to just wait and see.

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I'm afraid I don't know what "BAD/BAM means. But I would keep asking for tests, if your insurance allows. Do you have a Gastroenterologist? It may be dumping syndrome, but yes, definitely keep on top of it, it may be diarrhea, and I have heard of people saying "Welchol" helps. I don't get IBS-D alot, but IBS-C. I get cramping with it, and get prescribed Levsin or Bentyl which helps. I hope you feel better soon..

I'm in the uk so no insurance needed and under a gastroenterologist (❤️NHS). BAM is bile acid malabsorption. Thanks for your comment and I will keep asking to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

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Hi, I replied to you yesterday asking you to let us know how you get on because I had this test about a year ago. My cousin was diagnosed with it, so I thought it might be the answer I was looking for (had IBS over 30 years now). I had almost convinced myself this was cause of all my problems, but it came back negative. I know what you mean about wanting a name for what is causing us all these problems other than IBS. When it came back negative I allowed myself about a week to feel sorry for myself and then told myself to pull myself together and just get on with it like I have always done. But please do let us know how you get on, even if it is a negative result. Maureen.

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pajohns in reply to Maureen1958

Thanks. Had scan 1got scan 2 on Monday. I will report back but the more I think about my symptoms the more I think it doesn't quite fit. We'll see.

Hey pajohns good to see you got the test since you first posted a while back. I'd recommend asking the doctor to try Questran even if your SEHCAT comes back negative. I'm now 8 months in with Questran and Creon, and only had 3 "bad days" in all that time. Try not to predict the result of the SEHCAT... Just let it be. Good luck!

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