Just been diagnosed with ibs

Hello I have been in constant pain for 6 weeks with gastric reflux and an uncomfortable feeling under my right rib which comes and goes. I also have a feeling of bloating which is always on my right hand side, they did think it was gall stones but my ultra sound came back clear.. My stomach is incredibly tender to touch, again on the right hand side and I am aware or this uncomfortable feeling all the time. My ultra sound said that I have a lot of gas in my stomach. I am so concerned as I feel so uncomfortable all of the time. Is this normal. The doctor has described server ibs and sent me away with some pils and. I diet sheet.. I must confess I am at a loss.

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  • Is your diet sheet on the FODMAP diet....as this helps...try fodmap.org

  • i have the gas half of the time - bloating and generally uncomfortable - one min I don't need toilet for 3 days others im am the opposite - but the gas in the stomache is the most annoying - doc gave me peppermint oil tabs and ive been taking them - they do help

  • Welcome Rosa-your IBS will take you into a world of learning how to cope and what is the best medication for you. Gas is one of my main problems but you learn how to cope. Try everything that might help you and good luck

  • Thank you all for your replies. Yesterday I had a good day and thought it had gone..but today I woke up and out of bed and felt really unwell, like a gushing going through my body and so tired. I forgot to say in my last post I also have a enlarged liver and diverticulitis but I don't believe I have that as the uncomfortableness I feel is on my right hand side only which is not conclusive with diverticulitis...I also feel something stick in me when I bend over, not all the time though..is this another sign of ibs...? I am at my wits end with worry ..

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