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Coping with traveling


Hi guys,

My job role is changing soon and i will be mobile, I will have my own vehicle but I will be driving into london and around m25 everyday and I am stressing out about how i will cope with this 5 days a week!!!. I will have to leave early and my stomach is at its worst in the morning.. anyone have any tips to calm me down. Or traveling tips. I can see me taking Imodium every day just to get through. Im freaking out.

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Hey Star1993 - it can be really challenging. I spent 3 years on the road whilst going through serious IBSD, with mornings being the worse for me too. I'm now 99% "cured" after discovering I have pancreas and gallbladder problems which were causing the D, and not have medication to fix it.

For travelling, I found the following helped:

1) avoid massive dinners and fatty food in the evening - try and have smaller, drier, less fibrous evening meals.

2) have some baby wipes, a spare pair of clothes in the boot as well as some bin bags.

3) have a practice, or at least mentally prepare yourself, to open the back passenger and front passenger doors of your car, to give you some "privacy" if you needed to go to the loo at the roadside. Knowing that you wouldn't have to actually poo yourself, and could if an emergency, poop anywhere - took away some anxiety for me.

4) start waking up at a fixed time everyday. It'll help get your body into a routine for going to the loo. I used to wake up at 7:15 and leave at 8... But started waking up at 6am and going to bed by 10/10:30pm. It gave me enough time to sort myself out in the morning if tummy was bad.

5) having a frank and open convo with my manager, meant that if I was having "a bad day", they were ok with me to be flexible with starting times. It's not possible for everyone, but I found talking to my then-boss, really helped.

6) on your regular routes, save as places on Google Maps, all the venue's with toilets. On the M25, there are quite a few services ... But the Porsche garage on the way into London was one of my regular haunts (classy). Just knowing in my head that I was 1 mile away... 4 minutes away... 10 streets away... From a place with a loo, took away the unknown.

Sorry if some of these are simple or useless for you, but thought I'd share as I have been in the same place. Good luck :)

Hi, I used to have this issue driving to different parts of the country for work.

Like JohnaB, I get up early if I know I need to travel, 5.0 am works for me, then I have a good idea of what my guts are doing, gives time to use the loo multiple times if necessary and then you will know whether you need medication or not. Giving yourself plenty of time is key because the anxiety of having to rush can make things worse.

I never have breakfast before setting off because this always needs a trip to the bathroom afterwards. Breakfast al desko (if that is an option) later in the morning helped me. Just having a plan if the worst happens helps too. Good luck with the new job

Yes, the idea of a plan/routine is good - I need to allow a couple of hours after I get up in case I have d issues - so far(!), if it doesn’t happen by then, it ain’t gonna happen - or at least not uncontrollably..

makes for some early starts!

Hope that helps.

Hi The ONLY solution is to do what I do and that is to drive a car like a Citroen Berlingo or Ford tourneo connect with darkened windows in the back and carry your own portable chemical toilet.I have been doing this for 37 years and just knowing you have this reduces the stress and you will find that you seldom need to use it. Its perfect if you get gridlocked on any motorway.

Everyone thank you so much for taking the time for your replies this is really helpful. Knowing I’m not the only one is a help in its self. I really really appreciate the great advice. X

Hi there, I know exactly what you mean about stomach being worse in the mornings. I also have commute into London everyday but on public transport which has no toilets on it. I usually just hope for the best. Can you buy some depends to wear on your journey and take wipes and a change of clothing if necessary, that is what I have to do, thankfully so far I have not had to change anything but definitely still feel uncomfortable travelling. Could you if really necessary stop somewhere on the hard shoulder and do what you have to do or map out where the service stations are on the route and that way you know that you may have somewhere to pull into?

Wow your doing so great. I have started and being taken Imodium everyday which i don’t like to do.. today first day I’m going to try not to.. i have packed washlets and change of clothes. Wish me luck🙈!!

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