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Not coping 😕


I have IBS, Anxiety Disorder, complex PTSD and depression. I’m going on hols on Saturday and have had urgency (not D - just soft), butterflies in my tummy, burning pain, spasms and cramp. I’m dreading going on holiday, because I don’t want to spoil it for everyone in my family.

As a history, I lived with IBS-D long before I was diagnosed in 1996. Cutting wheat and watching my saturated fats has helped, but as I’m getting older, constipation is worse. I used to get overflow diarrhoea and terrible pain. My parents (one an alcoholic) basically neglected me as a child and teen when I had IBS attacks. My mum would actually give me into trouble for having attacks of it - that I was trying to get out of chores, ruining her day or holiday. So now I have complex PTSD from dealing with distressing symptoms and effects when I was too young to deal with it alone. Therefore, IBS basically runs my life. I got a Mirena Coil fitted in 2014, which definitely helped my IBS. However, now I am noticing the pain is so much worse, the urgency is worse and my entire gut is on fire.

I also have hiatus hernia, gallstones (but a healthy gallbladder) and chronic daily headache.

I’ve just been discharged from a lengthy period of therapy through community mental health and I feel like I’m falling to bits. I can’t seem to get on top of my IBS and it’s making me so anxious, I could scream and scream. I take one sachet of Laxido a day - anymore than that and I’m strapped to the toilet (it took a looooong time to get that balance right).

I don’t feel I need to see my GP. But I suppose I just wanted to talk to people who understand. I’m wondering if my Mirena Coil is beginning to lose its efficacy (it’d due to be replaced next April), because I’ve noticed my mentrual cycle has gone a bit irregular. Or maybe I’m just so anxious and stressed, that it’s making my IBS flare up. Or could my hernia make IBS worse?

I feel so unwell and just want to cry for ages. Xx

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Yes, very difficult problems. I just have IBS d, so not quite sure what to say to you. I guess, make sure your family knows about the bathroom issues. That can ease the anxiety. Traveling with IBS does produce anxiety. Perhaps carry a light change of lower clothes & baby wipes with you for the urgency. Try to eat familiar foods as much as possible & eat a bit lightly. Would an occasional tranquilizer help on the holiday? Ativan is a good and mild one and is active for about 4 hours. It is available in small doses and can also be cut. I am in the US and have to go on short plane trips periodically. I am always worried that the bathroom will be unavailable when the seat belt sign is on or is occupied. I do hope you can enjoy the holiday. xx


Your emotions are keeping you locked in the past, and you need help with releasing them. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can work well for PTSD. NLP has revolutionised short therapy. The book "Heart of the Mind" by Steve and Connirae Andreas explains what NLP can do using client case studies. You might find that an inspiring read.

Today you are doing your best. You are grappling with IBS and doing what you can. A few years back I was in a similar position after years with chronic IBS, so I really get it. Today I no longer have IBS. You may find some articles on my blog of interest (


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Thank you Alison, I will read your blog. I haven’t heard about NLP - I will check that out. I’ve made it on holiday - don’t have a good WiFi signal, so just catching up just now. I was a complete wreck the day we travelled. My IBS settled after a couple of days and so far it’s not too bad. Xx

Hi there weegmack

Please try to remember that it's your holiday as well as that of the family & I'm sure they love you enough to understand that you cannot always "be in charge" of your health issues much as you'd like to be - often alas, it seems as if they are in control of us! However, I do know what you mean, as I, too, sometimes feel that IBS has that "knock-on" effect & engulfs everyone around me & impinges on their lives, not just mine. It's really important that you relax & enjoy your forthcoming holiday as that will be so beneficial to you. One of the hardest things to do is to love & accept ourselves for what & who we are, IBS & all! Wish I could claim I'd totally managed it, but I try, as I'm sure you do. I had family problems when younger, not as unfortunate as yourself, but enough to leave me with feelings of inadequacy & that, somehow, I'm to blame for anything that goes wrong, health issues & all. Well, it's taken quite a while for me to start to realise that perhaps that isn't the case & I just might be an ok sort of person - &, weegmack, I'm pretty sure you are too! So, try to take a deep breath, any meds you know will help & go & enjoy that holiday.

Let us know how it went when you get back?

Lots of love


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Thank you LokiX - I was a complete wreck the day we travelled. I’m still away and just tanking advantage of a better WiFi signal to catch up! I was so medicated the day we travelled (anti-anxiety meds) so it took me a couple of days to settle. Things are a bit better gut-wise and I’ve managed to do more than I had hoped. I’m just being sensible with food and drink and my kids and hubby have been great. I know I’ll start feeling bad before I’ve to travel home (because I really, really don’t want to come home) you say, deep breath.....❤️❤️

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