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Nausea with IBS

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I am looking for some advice or tips on how to treat nausea and occasional vomiting. I have been told I suffer from a severe type of IBS as I have had all procedures and everything else seems to have been ruled out. I suffer from nausea throughout the day most days and sometimes this leads to vomiting. I am taking sickness tablets prescribed by GP and where they ease the sickness to some degree they don’t stop it completely. My GP said I cannot be taking them long term. Does anyone else get nausea alongside the other IBS symptoms? I tend to have an awful pain in my left side at the same time. I work as a Teaching Assistant and find having IBS symptoms so difficult to deal with when I am in school.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated

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Hi, I used to be sick all the time it was awful and had to take anti sickness meds every day. I went onto a low Fodmap diet for several months which really eased my symptoms. It's not recommended that you eliminate everything that might irritate you for a really long time so trying to be confident that you can eat a variety of fruit and vegetables. I also listen to a daily guided meditation focusing on IBS relief, I find this do helpful when I'm in pain. It helps stop the rising panic ! I also find water with a slice of lemon and ginger good and ginger sweets. Good luck I know how you feel 😌

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Thanks for your help

I've had IBS for 45 yrs. I used to feel sick anything from 24 to 48 hours after eating something that disagreed with me. I think this is due to leaky gut syndrome. Most IBS sufferers seem to have it. IBecause it can take a couple of days for an intolerance to make you feel sick, it's often difficult to know what it is. I am Lactose, yeast, dextrose and sunflower intolerant. Discovering I was sunflower oil intolerant was a difficult one because its in so many things. Dextrose makes me seriously ill. The world spins horribly for 24 hours, makes me vomit and causes diahorrea. It lays me up for a week! That was another difficult one as again dextrose is in a lot of things. It's so hard if you have more than one intolerance.

My point is that you may be intolerant to something you are eating regularly and it's hidden in the ingradients of some foods. The biggest intolerances are dairy/lactose, yeast and wheat.

Try excluding those from your diet. Stick to your Fodmap diet but exclude porridge. If nothing improves try a home cook diet where you don't eat anything ready made and you know exactly what's in what you eat.. That includes biscuits, cakes, sweets, burgers, ready made meals, take aways and processed foods including bacon.

Keep a food diary but remember what you eat at lunchtime today may not affect you for a couple of days.

Lastly, medications can do this, even ones designed to help IBS. A lot of people have problems with Omeprazole and other PPI's. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help. I was wondering if it could actually be the medication that is making me feel nauseous. I’ve been told my IBS is nothing to do with what I eat but I am going to start keeping a food diary and when I feel the sickness throughout the day.

IBS is all about what you can and can't eat. Keeping a food diary is really good. Doctors generally do not understand IBS! If nothing works, i can give you some food advice. Take care. Good luck.

I'm just suffering from the same thing. I've got pain in left side and been feeling really sick. Had it about 2 weeks and get it all the time. My strategy is 1 fybogel in the morning and 1 on night and try to eat little and often. No big meals and no fasting. Plenty of water. Mine seemed to start going last night . It's almost like someone gripping the bowel the just letting go . The relief is amazing

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Thanks for your help.

Vomiting isn't a normal sign of IBS. Nausea can be caused by a build up of gases in the system by foods that you are eating. You may have a gut bacterial imbalance. Have you tried Alforex probiotic? Failing that have you been referred to a dietitian to try the FODMAP elimination and reintroduction diet?

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Meleber in reply to xjrs

Could alforex cause nausea? I recently started taking it and it feels like nausea is increasing.

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xjrs in reply to Meleber

The best people to ask are PrecisionBiotics, the suppliers of Alflorex (email: They have a good support service. Alflorex can create side effects initially until your body gets used to it. If you have a gut bacterial imbalance, sometimes the bad bugs can fight back causing these symptoms, but they will know better than me.

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Meleber in reply to xjrs

Thanks, I just did sent an email.

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In my experience, absolutely. The first two weeks or so on Alflorex were not at all pleasant. It does ease up, but for me it wasn't the miracle cure it has been for others.

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Meleber in reply to RickyW

I think I will put it away, it doesn't feel wright. Since I might have IBO it can be a bad choice. Just have to wait till I can start with rifaximin.

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Thanks for your help. I haven’t been referred to a dietitian but I have been informed by a Gastroenterologist that my IBS is not due to diet. There doesn’t seem to be a trigger only that I’ve recognised I need to eat little and often throughout the day.

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If you feel the need to eat little and often you may be hypoglycemic. This can cause nausea from having low blood sugar, which triggers the need to eat more often. This may not be true in your case though. If you are hypoglycemic, you'd need to avoid highly processed foods/sugar and eat low glycemic index (GI) foods such as whole grains, protein and good fats to keep you fuller for longer. I used to suffer from this and felt nauseous a lot until I sorted my diet out.

Keep a good diary and find out what your can’t tolerate, when I was going through the vomiting it was often worst early evening and at night

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Thanks for your help.

When I was pregnant the only thing that stopped nausea instantly was inhaling the vapour from a piece of tangerine peel. I used to rub the perfume on my fingers and also get some under my nails. I don’t know if this would work for another person but it’s certainly worth trying. Con amore Bx

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It’s worth a try! Thanks

I found the anti sickness I was given from the doctor made things even worse. They completely knocked me out to the point I could barely even speak I felt so exhausted. This made the nausea much worse. I now take activated charcoal capsules that u can buy in Holland&Barret. They’re no miracle cure but they really help with nausea by calming the stomach:)

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