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small bright orange leakage????


Has anybody ever had a very small orange rectal leakage with gas? My interest told me it's nothing to concern about as it is diet related. I wondered if using Prep.H ointment a lot may cause this. It is a veryyy small little smear of neon orange on toilet paper if I pass gas.. Gosh I hope someone can tell me they have had or know anyone who may have experienced it? I am a panic and anxiety laden person.. Just got back stool test and it was negative as is every year.. Anyone?? Thanks a lot.

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I would try to pay attention to what your doctor says, and also, stop checking all the time.

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Thank you for that post! You are correct. I will do that.

Just wondering if you are taking turmeric?

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No I haven't taken turmeric I really don't use any seasonings other than Dash original.

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